The Boardwalk Cafe & Lounge

the view from the Boardwalk Cafe & Lounge in dep creek lake, md

The Boardwalk Cafe & Lounge Welcomes Bikers! The Boardwalk Cafe & Lounge just might have the best view of Deep Creek Lake from it’s deck where you can quench your thirst with cold drinks and feast on freshly grilled burgers and sandwiches. Their unique round bar is definitely different but if it’s nice enough out to ride, then you’ll want to eat on the deck and enjoy the view of the lake. Diana and I enjoyed our lunch there and I think you’ll dig it. Definitely a good place to ride to for lunch. Put this on your list of places to visit during the 2012 Maryland/Delaware State HOG Rally in June.

enjoy’n lunch at the boardwalk cafe and lounge in deep creek maryland

Click here to check out the menu.

Shooting the Elusive S-Turn

While Hurricane Irene set it’s sights on the east coast Diana and I headed west just outside the reach of the storm. We had planned to travel by motorcycle to Deep Creek Lake for the first 2012 Maryland/Delaware State H.O.G. Rally meeting. Unfortunately we would be returning back into the storm… so we took the rag top Mustang GT.

One of our missions on Friday August 26th was to take pictures of curvy roads that illustrate how cool the riding is in Garrett County Maryland. Most of you reading this may think this sounds whacky but others of you out there know exactly what I’m talking about. Once you start moto blogging and posting pictures from your rides you start finding some real cool ones that just happened out of luck. Then you start looking for those shots on purpose. Diana was just getting the knack of taking cool pictures while riding passenger when she stopped riding pillion. The timing has to be just right while your riding to capture a picture that shows both the entry and the exit of an S-turn. Since we had the Mustang I figured it would be really cool to put the top down and ride through Savage River State Forest and take pictures of the knarly turns. Diana was perched on the center console armed with her Canon Rebel XSI DSLR as I took the stang through the hair pin turns along Savage River Road. Diana took pictures over the top of the windshield and sometimes out the back. After about 200 boring pictures of road after road we think we got the money shot! Although we were not on bikes we were still moving and capturing the image of an S-turn was still challenging. I think this is more of an M-turn. Ladies and gentleman I present to you… IMG_2843!

the elusive s-turn shot

The weather was great that weekend in Deep Creek Lake. We were able to drive the Mustang topless most of the time. Driving home Sunday night we encountered several downed trees in Baltimore County that forced us to abandon the backroads. It wasn’t rainy but I’m glad we had the security of four wheels when we got into the area where the roads were covered with leaves, branches, trees and downed power lines. At one point we drove through a tree that came down across the road. Someone cut a slice out of the tree with a chainsaw just wide enough for one car to fit through. It was a little unnerving to have a downed tree sneak up on us on a dark heavily forested backroad. Once we got on the highway things were smooth sailing the rest of the way home.

Check out IMG_2843 above from Savage River State Forest and tell me you don’t want to check out Savage River Road! Put it on your list of things to do… ride Savage River Road in Garrett County Maryland! Attend the 2012 Maryland/Delaware State H.O.G. Rally on June 14-17th.

Scouting Garrett County Maryland

my favorite road captain

The last weekend of July 2011 attracted HOG members from Delaware and Maryland to Salisbury, Maryland for the 2011 State Rally. The 2012 Maryland/Delaware State HOG Rally will be Father’s Day Weekend in Deep Creek Lake which is a resort area in Garrett County, Maryland. Diana and I took a weekend long scouting mission to check it out.

diana riding western maryland

awesome roads in garrett county

diana rt 9

We took off on our motorcycles on a Friday evening immediately after I got off from work. We jumped on Intersate 95 South just a little ways before hopping off onto backroads taking us across Maryland to Frederick. We got into Frederick, Maryland at 9:00pm and stayed at Motel 6 for the low price of $61.03 including tax. After riding and kickstands are down for the night it’s always fun to find a restaurant that serves cold tall Yuengling draft like The Outback.

Cheers 1

cheers 2

cheers 3

We walked back to the motel and took a few pictures at K-mart.

k-mart 1

k-mart 2

The next day we took off on our motorcycles again heading west. I had read about a great over look in Road Runner magazine that inspired George Washington to expand the United States westwardly. Panorama view on Rt 9 in Berkeley Springs, West Virginia is among the best views in the country.

panarama view 1

Diana at panarame view

Diana took me on a fantastic bunch of backroads into Garrett County Maryland dumping us out in Deep Creek Lake across from the Fort where we got lunch at the Black Bear Tavern. Then we took pictures of all the amusements available at the Fort shopping center in Deep Creek Lake.

The Fort in Deep Creek Lake

black bear tavern dcl

Black Bear Tavern Demolition Car

deep creek lake area in summer

the fort mini golf

go carts atthe fort

water go carts

deep creek lake usa

After lunch at the Black Bear Tavern we headed to Swallow Falls State Park to take pictures of Maryland’s tallest waterfall: Muddy Creek Falls.

swallow falls state park

short hike through million year old forest

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 1

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 2

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 4

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 6

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 7

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 8

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 9

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 11

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 12

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 13

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 14

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 16

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 17

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 18

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 18

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 19

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 19

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 20

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 21

creeks and lakes and waterfalls 22

After hiking through the park and taking a bunch of pictures we got back on our motorcycles and headed to Oakland, Maryland where we stayed at the Oak-Mar Motel Restaurant. This is a nice place to stay just outside Deep Creek Lake close to the West Virginia border on Rt 219. Restaurant on site, clean rooms and affordable rates. We paid $87.69 including tax. The phone number is 301-334-3965. We got beer and pizza for dinner at the Pizza Hut down the street and called it a night.

oak-Mar 1

diana at the oak mar

nice place to sleep

The next morning we got up, had breakfast at the Oak-Mar Restaurant and gassed up and hit the road. We were surprised how cool it was up here in the mountains and we had to pull over to put more clothes on.  In order to get home in a timely manner we did get in some highway and man was it hot when we were cruising I-68 and I-70.

We had a great little trip and took lots of pictures. Click here to see them all.

black eye susans

Gettysburg & Deep Creek Pictures

We have been taking a lot of pictures this summer. Click here for our Gettysburg Bike Week pictures and here for our Deep Creek scouting mission pictures.

The Lodges at Sunset Village in Deep Creek, Maryland

Diana at the lodges

At the end of October Diana and I took my parents to Deep Creek, Maryland for a little fall foliage trip. We took the cages but it was a scouting mission for future motorcycle trips and possibly a future state HOG Rally. I have never spent any time in Garrett County, Maryland. Being the western most portion of the state it is mountainous and borders Pennsylvania and West Virginia… actually it’s more like Maryland comes to an end and then Garrett County is an island of Maryland within West Virginia. I thought I had never been through the area but I was wrong. We came through on our way back from our West Virginia trip in 2008. The area is gorgeous and the riding is great. We took a little road trip in the Mustang with the top down. We followed Rt 219 into Monongahela National Forest in West Virgina. On the way back to Deep Creek we stopped to see Muddy Creek Falls at Swallow Falls State Park.

We stayed at the Lodges at Sunset Village. Best way to describe the lodges would be as upscale luxurious cabins. We rented a two bedroom two bath cabin that had three queen size beds and a sleeper sofa. That means the cabin we rented for less than $300 for the night sleeps eight. Not bad if you wanted to take an overnight ride with four couples to stay in Deep Creek. The view from the cabin was of the lake and Wisp Ski Resort. In comparison to staying at a motel we enjoyed the amenities such as the propane fireplace, large flat screen tv, kitchenette with large microwave and full size fridge. Doorfront parking was very convenient.

We took a scenic drive from my parents place in Frederick to Deep Creek. We parked at the cabin and unloaded my parents and our supplies into the cabin. My parents loved the cabin and didn’t leave it til check out time. Mom enjoyed the view from the love seat on the front porch. Dad settled into a chair on the back patio and enjoyed the relaxation. We took our drive into West Virgina to see the windmill farms and saw the waterfall on the way back. Then we came back to the cabin and heated up our dinner. We drank beer and wine and played card games in front of the fireplace. I can’t describe in words how nice the cabin was. Check out the below pics and all our pictures on Flicker by clicking here

Regarding the cabins. If you want to check in before 4:00pm you will have to pay a little extra for early check in.

nice cabins in deep creek lake maryland

front door parking

mom at sunset village

Mom and Dad

Diana enjoyed the cabin too

inside our cabin at sunset village

the view from the cabins

sunset over wisp

taking the pony out for a ride

road to windmills on rt 219

Diana at Swallow Falls

Jay at the falls

Jay and Diana in fron tof uprooted tree with rock in roots 2010 Motorcycle Sweepstakes

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