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The Motorcycle Cannonball

You may be familiar with The Motorcycle Cannonball. I read about it in HOG Magazine. It is a cross country motorcycle run on antique motorcycles (pre 1916). I can’t even imagine riding cross state on one of these vintage machines that are little more than a motorized bicycle! Well maybe in Delaware or Rhode Island, but that’s it.

White Knuckle is a new documentary following the first Motorcycle Cannonball in honor of Bud Ekins. The film is produced by Brian Darwas of Atomic Hot Rods. Here is the first ten minutes of the film.

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Twenty Idiots on Motorcycles

This video is aptly named Twenty Idiots on Motorcycles. I’m embarrased that a member of a HOG chapter is prominently on this video and possibly the worst offender. I would much rather be poked fun at as the overly anal retentive safety police who chug along backroads in parade formation at five miles under the speed limit. That would be better than having any relation to this display of stupidity.

Stereotypical Harleys?

Left Side Story

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