Man on a Mission

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Devils Lullaby vs Live By It

Both of these videos are on You Tube and I am just sharing them with you the Internet people. I’m not sure a person can just borrow someone elses video footage and I have to believe it belongs to a certain company. But I don’t know that any foul play is afoot either. While both videos are available we’ll enjoy the freedom to compare them.

Try to get them both playing at the same time in squence.

Caption Contest at RC USA

More than a mouthful

I took this picture at Rommel Harley-Davidson’s Full Throttle Weekend. No prize for this contest but I was wondering what all you creative riders and writers out there would come up with for a caption. Please share.

Shinya Kimura Zero Engineering

Get Ready For Warm Weather With Brosh Protective Motorcycle Clothing

110 Years of Burning Rubber