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by Jay and Diana Green

Jay on Wide Glide

Jay Green, editor@RoadCaptainUSA.com

Editor, Road Captain USA

Writer, East Coast Biker Online

2007 to 2011 Director, Assistant Director, Activities Officer and Road Captain for First State Chapter HOG

2010 DE/MD State HOG Rally Volunteer Coordinator

2012 MD/DE State HOG Rally Site Coordinator

2007 Harley-Davidson Dyna Low Rider 40,000 miles

 Diana on Crossbones

Diana Green

Writer, Road Captain USA

Writer, East Coast Biker Online

Editor, Photographer & Road Captain, First State HOG

2012 MD/DE State HOG Rally Volunteer Coordinator

2008 Harley-Davidson Dyna Super Glide 30,000 miles

Diana and I have served as officers and Road Captains for First State Chapter of HOG. We live in Delaware and enjoy the sport of motorcycling and consider ourselves Harley-Davidson enthusiasts. We have written articles for East Coast Biker Online, Fast Lane Biker Delmarva and this blog to inform and entertain. We strive to bring you a healthy mix of fun and practical information.

After I got my first Harley Davidson Sportster I would ride to the local bike night at Hooters and visit other popular biker hangouts. After a few beers and circling the parking lot a few times I had seen all there was to see. I wasn’t sure what I was missing, but I sure felt stupid. I had spent a lot of time and money getting to this point only to find out standing in the Hooters parking lot with a bunch of bikers wasn’t that much fun. What was I missing? What is this Harley thing all about?

We joined our local HOG chapter in the spring of 2007. After taking a few day trips with the chapter things started to make sense. Traveling is fun, but traveling the greatest country in the world on the greatest motorcycles ever built is the bomb! That’s what it’s all about!

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Jay Green, Editor

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