Hoo-Rag The Better Bandana

The multi functional hoo-rag looks like a great product. The hoo-rag folks sent me several Skull Daddy Hoo-Rags which is really special since they are currently ”sold out” of this. It must be their coolest one. There are other similar skull looking Hoo-Rags. For the safety minded there is a solid Hi-Viz orange one.

I have two Skull Daddys left to give away to the first two readers who comment on this post. I’ll e-mail you back to get your mailing addresses. Good luck readers!

Vist www.HooRag.com for more information.

6 Responses to “Hoo-Rag The Better Bandana”

  1. it would be cool for a ROADGLUIDE rider in TEXAS to have a HooRag

  2. It would be even cooler for a STREETGLIDE rider in SOUTH CAROLINA to have a HooRag!!

  3. why ride when you can GLUIDE

  4. Richard and Debora, I will mail out the free Hoo Rags. Sorry to take so long.

  5. received my Hoo Rag today 6.2.14 I bet it is the only one in South Texas very fitting for a Head Road Captain I will ride with it to NWT Yellow Knife later this month then back to Washington state, California, Las Vegas, then back to South Texas. I will give the Rag a work out. thank you so much HRC Richard Smith Corpus Christi H.O.G. Chapter

  6. Good luck to you and your HOG Chapter. I have met some folks at POT and HOT from Cut-N-Shoot. You Texas HOGs are cool. You can come to our little state and visit if you ride east. First State Chapter would love to show you around.

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