The Itch Is Back

It’s 5:30am on a Saturday morning and it wouldn’t be unusual for me to sleep in another 5-6 hours even though I have a busy day ahead of me. Actually that would be the norm. I have poison ivy and the itch has woken me up even though I applied the prescription strength 2.5% hydrocortisone.

That’s not the only itch that’s back! In February I wrote a goodbye post saying it was time to move on and stop writing about being a biker. I even relinquished the title of “biker”. Very easy to do during a polar vortex.

Winter is over. Spring is here. It’s time to ride. I have been busy reading non motorcycle information and honing my public speaking ability. To stop writing would be a mistake. I do intend on starting  a new blog but I haven’t done so yet. So I announce this morning to the blogosphere “The itch is back! I tried to not be a biker anymore… but it’s in my skin bitch!” Sorry for the Wild Hogs referance and foal language if anyone got that or was offended.

I only went on one overnighter last year. This year will be different. Turning off the things I started in 2008 even though I have newer interests would be a mistake. So even though I may not post a minimum of once a week like I did for several years… Road Captain is back in the saddle and at the keyboard.

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  1. I never did like the word “biker” anyway. Welcome back rider/blogger. Glad I kept you on my blogroll to see this.

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