Thanks To All Road Captains

Dear Steve L,

You may not know me but we have met a few times; I am Jay Green’s motorcycle. I wanted to write you personally to extend my appreciation for having the Southbound Lunch Ride on Sunday April 28th. Jay has not taken me out for months! I have been held captive locked in a small dark room since November! Is that even legal? I was starting to think I might not feel the wind in my handlebars until June!

I thank you from the bottom of my five gallon gas tank for taking the time out of your busy schedule to lead us on an easy breezy fun tour of southern Delaware. I enjoyed the rest stops at Rudy’s Diner and Nathan’s Ice Cream even if my load (Jay) seemed to get heavier after each stop.

It must not be easy being a Road Captain and it is probably a thankless job, especially since it is a volunteer position! Well I hope this letter makes it clear that us motorcycles appreciate your sacrifice and dedication. I’m sure you had to juggle your personal time, family obligations and household chores to take us on a run.

I hear from some of the Ultra Classics that sometimes you Road Captains have to go on pre rides to make sure the ride will be a good one. That must take up a lot of time and fuel. I’m not sure if all the people in your HOG Chapter appreciate your efforts but I know us two wheeled members sure do!

Please keep up the great work and pass on my thanks to the guy on the super quiet bumble bee bike who always sweeps for you. While you’re at it please pass on my “Thanks” to all Road Captains for taking the time to organize and lead these fantastic tours of our country’s finest paved roads. Without you guys, us scooters may be locked up in a small dark room all year!

Jay Green’s Motorcycle

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  1. whispers to jays bike,

    take a shower will you, you got bugs all over you~~~!!!

  2. Lets getsome more bugs this weekend! You got any free time old man?

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