CB Radio Install Step 7

Just have to tidy some things up here. Used platic tie wraps to keep all the wires nice and close together. I put a self adhesive clip on the fender to hold the wires centered. I mounted the passenger headset plug on the right side of the rear fender using a self adhesive mount that came with the radio. When the seat is put back on you just see a little bit of wire going to the antenna. I could do better but let’s face it… this isn’t Biker Build Off and I’m not Jesse James.

Rear Fender Wiring

Passenger headset plug

Not Biker Build Off Wiring

Up front I used the Harley-Davidson mirror extension kit #91907-87 to raise the mirrors up because the CB radio was interfering with my Harley-Davidson Split View mirrors. Again I am not 100% happy with these round extensions mating to the square mirror stems, but I have to remind myself I am not a professional bike builder and I’m not entering any contests. It’s good enough!

Mirror Extensions

Now I just hope the radio works well and that I can tighten these mirror extensions so they don’t vibrate loose and the mirrors don’t spin in the wind like propellors. How do you tighten a round chrome mirror extension? Or rather how do you get a grip on it without damaging the finish?

I also hope getting the motorcycle out the front door works better than my entrance through the back door!

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