CB Radio Install Step 5

I didn’t take pictures while doing what I dub as step 5 – routing the cables. The below pictures were taken today, well after completion of the project. The radio is mounted up front on the handle bar. The antenna at the rear on the license plate. All the wires meet under the seat near the battery. How to route the wires/cables from the front and the back to the center is left up to the installer. I think the natural inclination is to go down and under and there is plenty of wire to do that. Our friend who installed Diana’s CB routed the cables/wires from the radio down the front tube of the frame and back up and under the tank. They are not tucked up under the tank and are partly in contact with the engine. I always pictured my install as removing the tank and routing the wires up under it.

I loosened the tank and routed the wires under it but wasn’t happy with that. Instead I removed the chrome console that runs down the top of my tank and ran the 5 cables under the console. Two wires come out of the radio and I tie wrapped them to the wires already coming out of the left hand control. They nest up with a bunch of wires which I bundled and tucked up under the handlebar riser.

From the radio

 Up Under The Riser 1

Front End Done

From that junction 5 wires travel under the instrument console. Two go around the left side of the speedometer and tachometer. Three go around the right side. They are the antenna cable, the radio’s main cable and 3 leads. Two leads for the rider and passenger headsets and one little lead for the passenger push to talk button. I routed them through the gas tank mount so they flow under the end of the tank, under the seat and along the frame. The wiring on the front half of the bike is almost invisable when the seat is on.

Coming Out Under The Tank 1

Coming Out Under The Tank 2

Along the frame 1

Along the frame 2

When the job was complete I came back and neatened everything up with the tie wraps.

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