CB Radio Install Step 4

I installed the bracket that holds the radio on the handlebar… and then realized I could not attach the radio to the bracket with it in place. The radio attaches to the bracket with three screws from underneath the bracket. I had to undo the bracket to attach the radio and then reattach the bracket.

cb radio bracket

cb radio

You can see the radio interfares with my left mirror.

3 Responses to “CB Radio Install Step 4”

  1. i have an offering here, i used an extention on my mirrors on my rk to get the mirror above the radio or get the accesory block for added switches and the radio can move forward enough for a clear view. plus you get space for a clock and other stuff.

  2. Are you offering me the extensions? I used the HD Mirror Extension Kit Part# 91907-87 which worked alright for my bike but I need to fix Diana’s mirrors also and need another set of extenders for her.

  3. jp cycles. i still have them on the LFANT. keeps the mirrors clear of big shoulders and elbows. getting a set for the cash cow for my loooong ride out west in june.

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