CB Radio Install Step 3

This video shows you how the antenna attaches to the bracket and how to adjust the SWR.

2 Responses to “CB Radio Install Step 3”

  1. Jay, After watching this video it seems that the one place to screw up the whole install would be at the antenna ring connector along with the plastic insulating bushing. I just bet we have some others with that problem.

  2. It’s possible. They may have improved the system and sent the antenna preassembled for the most part because the way mine came it seemed pretty hard to screw it up. Now I don’t know how important it is to tune the antenna with the SWR meter but I bet no one is doing that… save for Kev of course who loaned me his meter for my first CB. Diana’s antena came off once and the radio still worked pretty good. Strange how one persons radio will work better than another. Might have to do with how they routed the wires and where they grounded their wores to.

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