You Can’t Knock a New Yorker

911 memorial

December’s featured customer at Road Captain USA is return customer Elton C of Brooklyn, New York. I asked Elton to give us an idea of what it is like to be a Harley rider in the Big Apple and his experience as a customer to my online store. Below are Elton’s own words. As demonstrated by Elton’s spirit, tragedies like 911 and Hurricane Sandy can’t diminish the pride New Yorkers have for their city and their country!

V-Rod before Sandy

Ya see my 2012 Harley V-Rod  was swallowed up by this nasty bitch called Hurricane Sandy. I live about 100 yards from the ocean in Brooklyn and my bike was in the garage of the building where it was totally submerged in ocean water. So as I rebuild I have begun to purchase parts that were damaged by corrosion. I was pleased with your 12 volt power port, that’s why I repurchased it.

V-Rod after Sandy

I work for the city and those who know what I mean will know what I do. I have been riding for about 10 years and had no interest in it at all and then one day it just clicked… freedom! A way to get away from the harsh city and float in the wind. It appealed to me. I got a crap box bike and learned to ride. I now own a 2012 HD V-Rod Night Rod Special. She is beautiful! I work alot so most of my riding is quick blasts to work and back, but sometimes I pick a new road and go explore. I have a couple of different routes that take up just the right amount of time that I might have.

My ride to work is pretty amazing and often taken for granted. I start around Coney Island in Brooklyn. It’s all water front highway. I pass the Parachute jump, ride under the Verrazano Bridge traveling along the water, there is the Statue of Liberty, the tip of Manhattan and the beautiful almost done freedom towers. Those twins were beautiful… take a second… now I’m on the promenade the beautiful view of Manhattan from Brooklyn. You can see the South street sea port, here comes the Brooklyn Bridge, the Manhattan Bridge and the Williamsburg Bridge.  Then I reach my destination.

It’s all great as long as there is no traffic. Every once in a while there is open road. It is a great challenge to ride in New York City with all the pot holes, taxi’s and crazy drivers on congested roadways! Thus this product on my bike (a 12 volt power port from I attach my iPhone charger to it and mounted the phone with the GPS Tom Tom to get far away when I can. The GPS helps on long rides to places I haven’t been. The cable fits nicely behind my bikes cowl. I also love listening to the Blues while I’m riding! The music just connects with me.

The day the 911 Twin Towers memorial opened I rode my bike up to it and parked outside and went in. It was dusk and though sad, beautiful as well. Everyone should see it.

12 Volt Power Port with SAE 2-pin connector

This is the second time I purchased this power port from Jay. My first one was lost in the hurricane. Jay is a pleasant person who takes pride in helping riders and providing a quality product. I was very pleased with the power port and Jay makes you feel like family. Go USA!

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  1. Welcome Elton! We should all be so lucky to have such a beautiful ride to work. I have actually had the opportunity to ride along the waterfront from just past the cruise ship docks down to Battery Park. Despite the traffic, it was an amazing ride – part of 24 hours in NYC that still seem completely surreal to me! Best of luck with the bike rebuild…hopefully you’ll be out riding again by the time the spring comes back around! 🙂

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