Why Bother With Maintenance?

Once upon a time a well respected rider and reader of this blog purchased his dream motorcycle. A Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic! The Caddy of touring motorcycles! He purchased it new with extended warranty and the whole bit! He was mechanically inclined and good with his hands. He was capable of doing the maintenance on his new motorcycle himself but he trusted his new love to the professionals. You would think this would keep the warranty intact and ensure all proper procedures would be followed. A smart move… you would think. I did the same thing for several years until…

One day he picked up his motorcycle from the service department and only made it a few miles before noticing bad noises coming from the transmission. Very bad noises! Noises you don’t want to hear coming from your new love, or your old one for that matter. Turns out the transmission fluid that the dealership put into the motorcycle disappeared! Just like that! No fluid!

So next time you bring your car, truck or motorcycle to a trusted professional, remember this story. Ask any employee at a quick lube joint and I’m sure they will tell you of at least one occurance they know of where a professional forgot to fill the oil after draining or they forgot to put the drain plug back in yielding the same result. I’m not saying this happens at Jiffy Lube, but I’m sure the kids who work there will know of someone somewhere who knows this happens… and they might remember the sound of an engine trying to turn over with no lube in it! Yikes!

So who can you trust? The low wage rookie who gets assigned to oil changes? I don’t think so. Even the most experienced professionals in any field make mistakes. Do you want them making that mistake on your prized motorcycle? The only person you can really trust is YOU! The only way you can know it was done, is to do it yourself. Right, wrong or otherwise you will at least know WHAT was done. Don’t be a fool and trust the professionals with easy stuff you can do at home. Save yourself some major cash too!

Remember the old adage: if you want something done right, do it yourself. If you don’t know how to do it right then immediately go to my online store and purchase the Fix My Hog training DVD right now! You can change your fluids, spark plugs and air filter easily and this video will show you clearly how to do these things and much more.

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PS – I’m not saying to do your own wrenching on everything. I’m not saying to not trust trained professionals. I’m just saying to save them for the stuff you don’t know how to do, don’t have the right tools for or the knowledge. You can do basic fluid changes and know it was done exactly the way you want it done. Click here to purchase Fix My Hog DVD’s that will show you how!

PSS – It is unfortunate that anyone had to go through what my above mentioned friend went through. But at least we can all learn a lesson. If you can do it yourself and know it was done right, then investing a small amount in tools and the training available on the Fix My Hog DVD will be a small price to pay to know it was done right.

PSSS – all you new biker ladies out there should get these videos! Sick of mechanics talking down to you. Feel like you are in left field and have no idea what guys are talk’n bout! Want to at least understand how your motorcycle works and be able to have a two way conversation with your mechanic where you call the shots and know what needs to be done and what doesn’t? Get some education! Get Fix My Hog DVD’s! Click here!

11 Responses to “Why Bother With Maintenance?”

  1. i understand that only too well. then to find out the dealership blocked his VIN so NO warranty service could be performed on the bike without a factory rep. AND an expensive inspection of the bike left the owner bad mouthing the dealership all over the web. So now the poor fellow has 2 dealerships that provided extremely poor work, a bike that needs a new trans, a clutch that died at 17,000 miles and a very bad taste in his mouth for most all harley dealers. to boot, the moco gave him a 30 second phone call about how it was his responsibility to get his problem fixed through the dealership that banned him from their property. talk about collusion and closing ranks. i know he will never purchase another new harley-ever. :-)))))

  2. Thank you for adding more background to this true story. Sorry to open any old wounds and sorry to take the liberty of sharing this with the Internet without first asking you. I can see you are not offended and might even feel a little better that we have found a little outlet here at RC USA to air some of your painful experience. I know I learned a valuable lesson from your experience: if you do it yourself, then at least you know exactly what was done, how it was done and when it was done!

  3. With an appointment a week away for service on my Saturn, including a very much overdue radiator flush and fill…..I found myself on a 95 degree day needing to head out and pick up a roommate from work in heavy rush hour traffic in a few hours when my temperature light came on. Not being an idiot, I knew what the problem was and stopped at jiffy lube for immediate attention. All was well until I headed out for chauffeur duty….the temp light was back on! I checked the coolant overflow jug and it was empty! I headed straight back to jiffy lube and made them fill it. Though the guy insisted that it was done right the first time and he was just going to “top it off” for me. He was more interested in hitting on me than giving any credence to my complaints. How about if you spend a little less time being an ignorant creep, and a little more attention to actually doing your job right?

  4. well, Mr. R/CUSA, i always stand by the truth. too bad a dealership lied and went to extreme lengths to protect an incompetent employee. i continue my quest to cost them as much in sales as i possibly can by telling my story. i have found a decent h-d dealer or two by chance. sad i couldn’t trade this wreck last year because of the blocked VIN at h-d hq. now i hear the owner, whom i went to see and was turned away, is seeking other dealerships to turn into money pits. oh well, don’t have too many more years left riding so i’m doing my bucket list while i can. loop ’13, natchez trail ’14. see ya out there.

  5. Now I do all my own wrenching now. Even when I thought the dealership did a good job, I always find out later they fucked it up. I’ll never take my bike to HD to get serviced ever again. Never gonna’ happen, no way in hell, fuck those guys.

  6. But they have the certified technicians, all the right tools and all the right parts… how can you say that?

  7. Easy… experience, everytime they had my bike they screwed it up worse, with the exception of Las Vegas…but later I found out they put that bearing in backwards. You can find the right parts anywhere. Usually they are better parts too. They had to replace my entire stator and primary innards because the mechanic loused that up trying to fix the primary inner bearing…that failed less thatn 10k later because the mechanic put it back together with the snap ring covering the oil feeder hole, is why the inner bearing failed.. Scratched up the primary cover and tried to blame it on me. Seriously? I’m convinced the mechs at HD just know how to swap parts, they have no idea as to how or why something works. Just my experience with these guys. I’m finding out very quickly the right parts are aftermarket parts. Last longer, work better and usually cheaper….that’s how I can say that. 🙂

  8. Mr. Green, Please bear with me. the moco accepts the mmi certificates from these ” technicians” as gospel that they are competent. what they (H-D) fails to realize no matter WTF the warranty says, their name is on the sign. its only going take 1 fatality and a johnny cochran or barry schneck to fry their ass in court. i don’t care what their paperwork says, the moco is ultimately responsible for the AH’s employed by the dealership as they ARE acting as an agent for the moco. i stand by by bike as an example of incompetence and a line of bs by the dealership manager. ask around, i know of 1 fellow who almost lost an entire front end assembled by these fools. they called him and told him to have it towed so they could fix it right the 2nd time-and CHARGED HIM FOR THEIR INCOMPETENCE. will YOU go back there? seems you went to another place for the fork seal——.

  9. Regarding my feelings on service departments and where I send my motorcycle for service… since the beginning of the year 2012 I like to spend less money, receive personalized attention and deal directly to the people doing the work.

  10. Wow I know exactly how this man feels. I went and got the oil changed in my car and they didn’t feel it up either. I lived like 2 blocks from the shop. When I went back in there they tried to tell me they never even worked on it. I couldn’t believe it ever since then I’ve always done it myself whether it be my car or my bike.

  11. the absolute ringer is the service manager acosted ME after a HOG meeting and cried back to the dealership that i had threatened him. now, he wants me to come back after they banned me from their property. now just how stupid does this punk ass lap dog think i am? i wouldn’t piss on the dealership if it was on fire and the water had been cut off at the hydrant. i hope he never acosts me again. i don’t think i can take it, i might have a stroke and blame the dealership.

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