Why Bother With Maintenance?

Once upon a time a well respected rider and reader of this blog purchased his dream motorcycle. A Harley-Davidson Ultra Classic! The Caddy of touring motorcycles! He purchased it new with extended warranty and the whole bit! He was mechanically inclined and good with his hands. He was capable of doing the maintenance on his new motorcycle himself but he trusted his new love to the professionals. You would think this would keep the warranty intact and ensure all proper procedures would be followed. A smart move… you would think. I did the same thing for several years until…

One day he picked up his motorcycle from the service department and only made it a few miles before noticing bad noises coming from the transmission. Very bad noises! Noises you don’t want to hear coming from your new love, or your old one for that matter. Turns out the transmission fluid that the dealership put into the motorcycle disappeared! Just like that! No fluid!

So next time you bring your car, truck or motorcycle to a trusted professional, remember this story. Ask any employee at a quick lube joint and I’m sure they will tell you of at least one occurance they know of where a professional forgot to fill the oil after draining or they forgot to put the drain plug back in yielding the same result. I’m not saying this happens at Jiffy Lube, but I’m sure the kids who work there will know of someone somewhere who knows this happens… and they might remember the sound of an engine trying to turn over with no lube in it! Yikes!

So who can you trust? The low wage rookie who gets assigned to oil changes? I don’t think so. Even the most experienced professionals in any field make mistakes. Do you want them making that mistake on your prized motorcycle? The only person you can really trust is YOU! The only way you can know it was done, is to do it yourself. Right, wrong or otherwise you will at least know WHAT was done. Don’t be a fool and trust the professionals with easy stuff you can do at home. Save yourself some major cash too!

Remember the old adage: if you want something done right, do it yourself. If you don’t know how to do it right then immediately go to my online store and purchase the Fix My Hog training DVD right now! You can change your fluids, spark plugs and air filter easily and this video will show you clearly how to do these things and much more.

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PS – I’m not saying to do your own wrenching on everything. I’m not saying to not trust trained professionals. I’m just saying to save them for the stuff you don’t know how to do, don’t have the right tools for or the knowledge. You can do basic fluid changes and know it was done exactly the way you want it done. Click here to purchase Fix My Hog DVD’s that will show you how!

PSS – It is unfortunate that anyone had to go through what my above mentioned friend went through. But at least we can all learn a lesson. If you can do it yourself and know it was done right, then investing a small amount in tools and the training available on the Fix My Hog DVD will be a small price to pay to know it was done right.

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