Do Your Own Harley Maintenance

Sometimes it pays to hire a professional who has years of knowledge and experience in addition to having all the right tools and a lift. On the other hand there is no reason for you to shell out hundreds of dollars for a professional to perform basic maintenance you can do in your own driveway. When it comes to doing things yourself, sometimes it is better to know it was done right than to find out the hired help forgot to fill your transmission with fluid or didn’t tighten your new ape hangers down with Loctite. These are the reasons I have added the Fix My Hog DVD series to my own personal collection and made them available to you through my online store

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One Response to “Do Your Own Harley Maintenance”

  1. Good stuff! Very detailed and informative. You can’t go wrong with these videos. Even a totally inexperienced wrencher can follow along and learn how to fix stuff! 🙂

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