I Hate Motorcycles!

The three worst things that ever happened to me are motorcycle related!

When I was about fifteen I had a 1980 YZ 80 and I wanted to race motocross. That motorcycle was my bestest most prized posession ever! My father took me to race my Yamaha. I thought that was the beginning of him taking me racing every weekend. Not so! He thought I would get it out of my system if I raced the one time. I was crushed! Realizing my dreams of motocross stardom were over I hopped on my motorcycle and illegally tore through town on that dirtbike with no license. I was caught by the police and spent a few hours in a jail cell! Not a happy memory!

Shortly after that episode I turned sixteen and sold that 80cc for a street legal 250cc Honda enduro. I loved that bike because I got around! I got a job, took it to work, made a little money and had a way to get around in high school while most of my friends were still saving up money for their first car. It got stolen when I was eighteen during my senior year! I was very depressed about it. I moped around for weeks like I lost my best friend.

In 2009 a friend of mine was killed while we were riding together. We had a group of about twenty motorcycles and were heading to North Carolina when a lady on drugs drove through our pack in a Ford Taurus and killed Karen. That was the worst experience of my life!

I love motorcycles! Is it ironic or logical that some of my most unhappy memories are motorcycle related?