Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay

crab decks too

Most Delmarva motorcyclists have a handful of favorite crab decks and biker friendly bars situated on the water in Maryland that they like to visit from time to time. Some well known ones that come to mind are Red Eye’s Dock Bar in Kent Narrows and Waterman’s Crab House in Rock Hall. One of my lesser known personal favorites is Harrison’s Chesapeake House on Tilghman Island. I’m sure there are visiting bikers from outside our area that would love to ride to a genuine Maryland crab deck to get the insider feel of the Chesapeake experience. Unfortunately our visiting friends may have no idea where to go to pick some jumbos at a fair price with a great view. And then there is the rider who is tired of going to the same places and needs some new places to partake of legendary crab and seafood dishes, specially recommended by Jimmy John’s Owner. After all, we know we ride to eat and eat to ride… or something like that!

Hush Puppies, Jumbo Crabs and Yuengling Beer

Susan Elnicki Wade and husband Bill Wade have published a book called Crab Decks & Tiki Bars of the Chesapeake Bay. I thought this book would make a great addition to my riding resources library and I was right! This book lists over 150 Maryland seafood eateries and bars on the waters of the Chesapeake and it’s tributaries. If you’re a seasoned rider with Old Bay in your blood and need some new destinations this book will serve you well. If you are visiting from out of state and want to get the full Maryland blue crab experience by eating at a remote crab deck on the bay at sunset then you too will love this book.

Diana doing what she does best

onlyhalf the roof is missing

bikers at harrisons chesapeake house
I semi randomly picked a ride destination from the book called Rolph’s Wharf Sandbar. It turned out to be a neat ride destination. We cruised down Rt 213 and then turned right on Rolphs Wharf Road just past Chestertown. We found this remote open air bar at a small marina on the beach. The bar itself was a grounded boat underneath a shelter. Boaters and bikers alike were enjoying the breezy beach and pulling up a bar stool to the rail of the boat for their favorite beverages. We had a great ride and look forward to our next semi random pick from one of the 150 locations in the Maryland edition.

The Sandbar Bar & Grill

The Sandbar on the beach in Chestertown

Diana at he sandbar

the bar is a boat!

If you hale from the lower portion of the Delmarva Peninsula then you will be happy to know Susan and Bill have just released the Virginia edition. I met with Susan and Bill at the Sunset Grill in Cape Charles, VA . I have passed the Sunset Resort many many times and had no idea there was a party on the beach behind the resort every Sunday. The Sunset Grill is a gem of a destination! It was hopping with live music, cold drinks, great seafood and lots of pretty young ladies prancing around in bikinis! If this place is an example of the other places in the Virginia edition than this book is worth its weight in crab seasoning! I know the Maryland book has already served my stomach well! Both are available at

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  1. My wife recently stop on the east coast on her way across the pond and said that the seafood stops were amazing. We are planning to hit it together next year. Outstanding blog!

  2. This place looks pretty cool. I’ll have to find a way to get over there sometime. I’m always looking for new places to go and new events to attend! Here’s a cool place to check out upcoming events:

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