Three Types of Road Trips

There are two ways to road trip in my book of road travel. There is a third way but that is not in my book yet. The first is the type of road trip where you stay at one place and that is your home base for the trip. The other is the nomad experience where you travel from point A to point B and stay the night. Then you pack up, check out and travel to point C and stay the night.  Then you do it again and again until your vacation time expires and you arrive back home. This method of travel lets you cover the most ground but leaves you at the mercy of the road. Mechanical malfunction, sudden illness or bad weather are all more challenging when you have no home base. Having a home base lends itself to a more relaxing experience. You can play things by ear rather than stick to a schedule. You don’t have to worry about covering a certain distance in order to be at your next destination by nightfall. When you do the home base vacation you can shop, sit by the lake, explore state parks, play miniature golf or whatever. It doesn’t matter because you’re on vacation and you can go back to your base camp whenever you feel like it. The third mode of road tripping is not my thing… yet. That’s where you hit the road with no plan, no motel reservation, no nothing! Just a full tank of gas and the open road! I call it Hobo mode! Maybe I’m saving the best for last but I haven’t tried it yet on a motorcycle.