Enthusiasm Is The Key

I wrote the below post almost a year ago having only 2 months left in my Directorship of First State. Being Director of First State was one of the most important and rewarding experiences of my life. I am still confused about where to go from here in regards to being part of the group. The important thing is to recognize that Enthusiasm is the catalyst to achieving great things. 

I have served as the Director of the First State Chapter of the Harley Owners Group® since January 1st 2009. I joined the chapter in 2007 and have always been in a officer position. In two months I will turn over the chapter to a new Director I find myself in a state of reflection but not able to organize my thoughts.

A lot has changed since 2007. My enthusiasm for riding my motorcycle and for chapter events isn’t what it was and I feel guilty about it (yes I am jewish so guilt is part of the territory). It is natural to experience spurts of motivation. We all experience spurts of motivation when we start new diets, exercise programs and even career changes. It’s also natural to want to move on to something new. New is exciting!

I try to remember the excitement I had back in 2007. I went on every chapter ride! I never checked the weather, where the ride was going, who was leading, who else was going or how early it was leaving. I didn’t care; I was excited to go on any ride with other like minded people. I was so excited I would wake up early like it was a big event no matter what! Now I can’t seem to drag myself out of bed on Saturday or Sunday morning for those same rides. I started finding myself picking and choosing which rides and events I would participate in based on the above mentioned criteria. Four years have passed since I joined the local HOG chapter. Two months left of Directorship and I hardly go on any rides other than the ones my wife, Diana, organizes. What has changed? I have changed and so has the chapter. Maybe I just need a little break.

I am definitely not as excited to do the things I was excited about three or four years ago. I need new experiences to fire up my furnace. Doesn’t everyone? Maybe it’s just me because I do suffer from depression and it’s always been difficult for me to get excited about anything. It’s only fair that I step aside and pass on the Directorship to someone with fresh ideas and excitement. In fact that has always been the plan, it was a three year commitment based on the fact that someone can only have a passion for something like this for about three years. I feel strongly that the most important piece in this equation is enthusiasm. As Ralph Waldo Emerson said “Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.”

I feel like a victim of our success. My vision was always for growth, prosperity and huge particpation for the chapter as well as that “one big happy family” feeling. We achieved that! But like many things I thought I wanted this might not be the best thing for me. I miss those 2007 rides with the same six to ten people every weekend. I swell up with pride every time I see new people at our events but I also feel strange about it. Sometimes I feel like a stranger at our own events with all the new people that have joined. I’m lucky to be part of an organization that offers the opportunity to meet new people that love Harleys. But I miss the tightness of the smaller group we had. I obviously have conflicted feelings.

It is definitely with conflicted feelings that I pass the baton. Being the Director has somewhat defined who I am for the past three years. No matter where I go I carry that pride with me. I am the leader of a special group of people. The best people I have ever met! I have no children of my own but can only compare this feeling with what I think it feels like to be a proud parent. For me it is a little like the scene in the movie The Jerk when Steve Martin’s character saw his name in the phone book for the first time. “I am somebody now!” I fear I am really going to miss that feeling of being special.

After providing four plus years of very rewarding service to the chapter in four different positions I shouldn’t have to have reasons for moving on but as I said before I feel guilty about it. To sum things up it is safe to say I don’t have the same spark for riding and socializing as I did a few years ago. I want to experience being an active member at large. I don’t want to have the pressure of setting the example. I want to do things because they fit my schedule and I truly want to do them… just like everybody else. At the very least maybe I just need a short break.

3 Responses to “Enthusiasm Is The Key”

  1. It’s not unusual to lose a little enthusiasm for a project after you’ve accomplished a goal. Maybe that’s what you experienced.

    I needed this post. Today I’m torn being a “have to do” and a “really want to accomplish.” So I’m going to spend more time on what I want to accomplish. That’s where the enthusiasm is.

  2. I hope this post helped you. It’s been sitting around as a draft for quite some time waiting to be published. I have a fortune from a fortune cookie taped to my computer screen at work that says “nothing great was ever accomplished without enthusiasm.”

  3. You will always be very special to me! <3

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