Stick A Nail In Your Tire!

We were on a road trip last weekend and had just gotten out of our car at the Cracker Barrel in Winchester, VA when I heard it! We were starving for dinner and the hiss of air rushing out of the front passenger tire was not the most welcome sound in the universe. At first I wondered out loud to Diana “what’s that sound?”. It was much louder than most tire punctures because most tire punctures have the protrusion, such as a nail, stuck in the hole. This hole did not and all the air was rushing out of the tire with a vicious hiss! As much as I wanted to go inside for dinner I knew if we didn’t act fast the tire would be flat in no time flat and it would be dark soon and my car would be stuck at the Cracker Barrel. I wondered if I should hop in it and drive across the parking lot to our hotel so the tire could deflate there. Then I wondered if I should call AAA. Instead I directed Diana to go to my Home Depot tool bucket in the backseat of the car and fish out a nail from the bottom of the bucket! She was like “What?!”. And I was like “get a nail out of the bucket!” while I held my thumb over the hole like the little dutch boy. 

Earlier that day I had gathered up enough tools to do some chores at my mother’s house. Unfortunately we got into a little argument and I didn’t get to hang the pictures she wanted me to hang. The good news is I had plenty of nails! Now why would having nails be a good thing in a case like this? Well I stuck that nail right into the hole! The hissing stopped! We ate dinner and then drove to Pep Boys.

Unfortunately Pep Boys had closed a half an hour before we got there. Darn! So close! I didn’t think the nail and the air would last enough to drive back to the hotel and I didn’t want to walk back. I wasn’t sure if there was a sidewalk and it was dark. So I dug out the jack and doughnut spare. I got the car jacked up and all the lug nuts off… but the wheel would not come off! I tugged and hammered and it just stuck to the hub like it was welded on. A nice young guy (about my age) with a southern accent stopped in his Hummer to ask if we needed help. I swallowed my pride and said “yes” and explained I didn’t know why the wheel wouldn’t come off. The good samariton was a carpenter and he got to hammering on the wheel with no luck either. Then I told him it would probably be less hassle for all of us if we just left the car at Pep Boys and he drop us off at our hotel which was just five minutes away. It was very nice of that guy to stop and help us and I feel bad about all those thoughts and assumptions I made about southern guys and people who own Hummers.

The next morning I walked to Pep Boys and it turns out there is a sidewalk and it took me less than 15 minutes to walk it. My car was still there and the nail was still holding because the tire looked about the same as I left it. I was the first customer in and the first one out. I was back on the road with a brand new Futura tire by 10:00am. I get punctures so often I refuse to replace all tires at once anymore. Not even in pairs! I replace them as they get flats. This is the third Futura leaving only one of the original Goodyears on the 2007 Toyota. Between our 3 cages and 2 bikes I feel like I replace tires every other month! This one had barely any tread left and needed to be replaced.

I drove back to the hotel and woke Diana up. We checked out of the Travel Lodge. This is the same Travel Lodge we stayed at after riding Skyline Drive on July 6th. It was sweltering the morning we left in July on our motorcycles but it was pleasant on this breezy September morning. We drove over to Katie and Allen’s new home. You might remember we had to load our motorcycles into a 16′ U-Haul back in April at Katie and Allen’s house in order to finish the last leg of our Spring Break Outer Banks trip. Well now we got to unload everything Katie and Allen own from a 24′ U-Haul and carry it into their new home just a few miles from the head of Skyline Drive. Nice! Stay tuned for more adventures to the Blue Ridge Mountains!

So again we were not on our motorcycles but we still had us an adventure on the road and you can imagine stuff like this happening on motorcycles. You know it does! So you know what else?! I’m gonna keep a nail in the glove compartment of each of our cars and maybe even in our saddlebags!

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