Captain of the Road

Eureka Factory Outlet

My whining about not getting enough saddle time in this year has recently transformed into a triumphant realization that we have gone on so many road trips by cage that we have lost count! I have enjoyed every one of them albeit we were disappointed these trips couldn’t be on two wheels. I let the disappointment over shadow the joy and that was a mistake. Screw it! A road trip is still a road trip! And time spent traveling with my wife is the best time in my life!

I have tried to keep this blog strictly motorcycle related but like many moto bloggers I am starting to think my blog should encompass more than just my two wheel adventures. I don’t want to stray too far from the beaten path so I’m not going to start writing about the details of my camping and fishing excursions. As RoadCaptainUSA I think I’m entitled to


open this up to more than just my two wheel road trips once in awhile… after all I can still be Captain of the Road no matter what I’m driving!

If you follow than you know we recently went camping.  It was a first time for me as an adult. It was a test run and it went well. I wanted a bigger tent than Diana has but we had to do the test run first to make sure we should invest more money into camping equipment (ar 15 parts). So after the trip Diana started researching our new tent and found out we could get steep discounts at the Eureka factory outlet store in Binghamton, NY which is 4 hours north of us. For a recently self pronounced road trip addict that sounded like the perfect excuse to go to Binghamton, pick up a tent at half price and go camping in the closest state park on Labor Day weekend! Now that’s the way the Road Captain rolls! Even if it’s in a Dodge and not a Harley!

our new half price tent

Our Home on the Road

Mrs Road Captain Camping

We packed, we drove, we purchased and we camped! That’s adventure on the road with Mr and Mrs Road Captain in the big US of A! can I get an “Amen”?!

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