Top 5 Motorcycle Tours in Europe

Summer’s here; the sun is shining bright and the roads are calling for a touch of those gripping tires. Take your motorbike abroad to one of Europe’s best motorcycle tour routes and experience a journey that adventure -lovers crave day in and day out. The adrenaline associated with these routes is something else. The tingle down your spine as your head and chest feel like it’s contracting—the blood rushing through your veins. It becomes an experience we can’t forget; an experience not many roads can deliver. Here are the top five motorcycle routes you’ll find in Europe.

The Transfagarasan Highway, Transylvania, Romania

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Also known as the DN7C, the Transfagarasan is one of the highest paved roads in Romania. The dramatic experience that is associated with the DN7C can only be found in Transylvania—the 90km road full of twists and turns is built strategically as a military route. The road was made in the 1970’s when the Soviet Union invaded Czechoslovakia. Ceau?escu, ruler of Romania at that time wanted quick military access across mountains as a precaution. The road did not go up easy, though—about 6 million kg of dynamite were used and 40 soldiers lost their lives during the construction. The Transfagarasan closes down in late October, sometimes even earlier depending on snowfall in the region. Jump on your bike now and relive history on the Transfagarasan. What’s even better is that there is quick access to the Bâlea Lake and Waterfall.

Antrim Coast Road, Northern Ireland

Antrim Coast
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If you’re a fan of jaw-dropping scenery (and let’s face it, who isn’t?), then the Antrim Coast Road is one you can’t miss. The 96km of beautiful coastline continues through fishing villages Ballygally, Glenarm, and Waterfoot and ends at the Giant’s Causeway. You’ve biked it at full speed all the way here, why not go to the other extreme and take some time fishing? Everyone needs a little relaxing. On a good day, you’ll see the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland over here. Experience nature the right way on the Antrim Coast Road!

Agiofarago Gorge, Crete


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If the Antrim Coast Road got you excited and in the mood, then the Agiofarago Gorge in Crete will leave you in a state of ecstasy. Just south of Odigitria Monastery, the isolated route is filled with unbelievable scenery from vertical rock faces to hermit inhabited caves. You need a perfect end to a perfect road, which is why the Libyan Sea happens to be right there at the finish. The Crete route will leave you thirsty and hot, so cool off with a nice swim and an unreal view of nature at its best.

Furka Pass, Switzerland

Furka pass

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You’ll probably feel like you’ve been here before. The Furka Pass was where the famous chase scene from Goldfinger took place! We’ve all wanted to be James Bond sometime in our life, why not do it now? Hop onto your bike and hit up the Furka Pass at nearly two and a half kilometres above sea level. Once you get around the top you’ll see the incredible sight at the Rhone glacier; source of the Rhone River.

Amalfi Coast Road, Italy

Amalfi Coast

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Known as one of the best routes in Italy, the Amalfi Coast Road starts in Naples and ends in Salerno. It’s about 80km and passes through Sorrento and Amalfi—don’t miss the Isle of Capri when you’re on this route trying to manoeuvre through Italian twists and turns. The Amalfi Coast Road, as you may have guessed, is on coastal cliffs which give incredible views to the Tyrrhenian Sea. The route passes through the village of Posiano, a common tourist attraction in the area.

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