Fire on the Mountain on 4th of July Deep Creek Lake, Maryland

After slaving away both in the planning and execution of the Maryland/Delaware State Rally for 2012 we were ready to visit Deep Creek on our motorcycles as a trip just for us. I was originally planning to stay in Deep Creek for a few days and actually ride the routes we made up for the rally. We haven’t been able to ride them on two wheels. But I mentioned to Diana we could drop down into West Virginia from Deep Creek and then a plot started to unfold in her mind.

She plans great trips although they sometimes get a bit challenging.  Someday they may chill out and get a little more relaxing. This trip would be an epic 4 day journey. Day one would be called Fire on the Mountain! We would travel to Deep Creek Lake Maryland from Delaware without taking any interstate highways and not going through any major towns like Frostburg or Cumberland. Not an easy task but if anyone can figure it out it would be Diana. We would stay at Wisp at a steeply discounted price as a thank you for the work we did on the rally. We would get to see the 4th of July fireworks at the Wisp Ski Resort called Fire on the Mountain!

It took us 10 hours to cut across Maryland, shoot up into Pennsylvania and then down into West Virgina before cutting back into Maryland to Deep Creek but we did it! It was a hot day to be covering 290 miles but we were in and out of forests and shade most of the day. We stopped often to drink Gatorade and eat snacks we brought with us in a small Igloo cooler mounted to my passenger seat. I got the cooler at Rite Aid the night before our trip for about twelve bucks. It kept the Gatorade cold for half the trip.

After suffering the scorching heat all day we got into the mountains of Maryland just as the sun started to set. With about forty-five minutes to an hour left in the trip the temperatures started to get downright nippy. As we got closer to our destination I started to get cold and then it started to rain! Figures! We ride all day in scorching heat hoping for a little rain to cool us off and then when it starts to get cold it then rains! Worse yet, we did all this and now we might miss the fireworks! We pulled over to put the rain covers on the luggage and CB radios. I didn’t bring my raingear so I didn’t offer to let Diana put hers on, not to mention I was in a hurry to get to the hotel and off the road as soon as possible. Deer and bear cause a lot of road accidents up here and I wanted to get off the road ASAP. The closer we got to the hotel the harder the rain came down. There was lightning and thunder. We found out later that some of the area got hit with hail! We arrived at Wisp safe but soaked to the bone at about 7:45pm.

We checked into our room and unloaded the bikes. The rain started to let up. We put on dry clothes and went down to the bar to order Yuengs and wings! Nothing like cold Yuengling and great chicken wings to wrap up a day of riding. We finished up the wings and took our beers outside at 9:30pm to catch the fireworks which were still on! Even though I was walking around in sopping wet Timberland boots I was having a very satisfying evening. It was a good long ride and we got to see the fireworks! Awesome! It was a great start to celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary.

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Sorry for the lack of pictures but it was just too hot to mess with the camera that day.

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  1. I’ll take back roads over the interstate any day. Glad you did, at least from your description.

  2. Thanks John. I have added On Scenic Routes to our blog roll.

  3. Thanks, Jay. I’m gladly returning the favor.

  4. Anything to avoid passenger cars. Plus you get the added benefit of the smell of the open road, plants, flowers, etc!

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