Tattoo’s Trucks and Muscle Cars

We already know bikers like tattoos. A great many of my fellow riders seem to love their American trucks…probably more than have biker tattoos. In fact I saw the president of our local ABATE Chapter today peeling out of the Advanced Auto Parts store parking lot in a souped up pick up. Like the leather biker vest it took me a little while to gain an appreciation for this biker accessory. But alas, I had to get one. So now a red 2001 Dodge Dakota marks it’s territory in front of my house like an old Harley, or a baby Ram with a bladder problem. We also have a 2005 Mustang GT that’s as tight as a drum. Do you have a love for trucks and/or muscle cars? Please tell us about yours. Or tell me if you know how to clean steering fluid from hardtop now that the Dodge has stopped leaking, I need to clean up the residue.