The Heros Project

So what happens if you’re out on the road and a truck hits you? Is your life over? Maybe, or maybe you come back stronger with more purpose. Maybe you become an ambassador for God and decide to reach new heights and touch more lives. I know a Safety Officer from a nearby HOG Chapter who was hit by a truck. He lost his leg. In the hospital after the accident he still had his sense of humor and was thankful to be alive. We can’t control what happens to us (no matter how hard I try) we can only control how we handle the situations we find ourselves in.

On September 10, 2001 Tim Medvetz was racing his motorcycle through the San Fernando Valley when he was hit by a truck in a catastrophic accident that left him partially paralyzed and fighting for his life. He required 8 surgeries to save his foot, which doctors feared needed to be amputated. Two metal plates and 20 screws were needed to repair his cracked skull. He was not expected to fully recover and walk again — but no one told Tim that.  For six long months Tim struggled to regain the use of his legs and find some meaning in his life. Always looking for an adventure, Tim decided that the best way to recover would be a trip. He quickly found himself preparing to climb Mt. Everest. After climbing Mt. Everest for the first time in 2006, Tim realized that he could turn his passion into action.

A news broadcast about disabled and disfigured returning veterans sparked Tim’s interest. He realized he had something to offer these brave soldiers: the chance to put their lives back together through the challenge of climbing. In 2009, Tim started The Heroes Project, a foundation dedicated to raising funds to help wounded warriors climb the world’s highest peaks and find a renewed purpose in their lives. The foundation is predicated on the idea that we can make a difference and change the lives of our wounded veterans, soldiers, and their families – one soldier, one veteran, one family at a time (