Prayer In The Making

I would like you all to help me formulate a prayer that is spiritual but not religious. I want to elloquently put to words appreciation to God for his magnificent creations. I want put to words a biker’s desire to live life as an adventure and experience freedom while acknowledging the immediate risk involved with riding. I have a great life and riding my motorcycle contributes to that. I am fortunate to enjoy ownership of a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. I am fortunate to have the travels and the friends that owning this motorcycle has lead to. I am also aware that a mechanical malfunction, a tire blowout, some gravel, a surprise storm, a wild animal, an inattentive driver or a minor lapse in judgement can all bring that cherished life to an end. The smallest mistake or mishap can reult in serious injuries thus changing the whole dynamic of this wonderful life I have. In one second for any number of reasons either one of us could go down and suffer broken bones and damaged organs. Months of hospitalization and rehab could replace that freedom and adventure. Medical bills and loss of income could replace the house and luxuries I now enjoy. I don’t want to live in fear but why should I if I can trade this dangerous passion for another that is less dangerous, more relaxing and as enjoyable? I want to ask God this question. Why would he make motorcycles if I was not supposed to enjoy them? Why would I have a passion for riding them if he did not want me to ride? I want to communicate my feelings of humbleness and mortality. I want God to know I cherish the life I have, I do not take any of these gifts lightly. I humbly request he watch over me and my wife. I want to request he protect us from harm. I want to thank him for the times he already has. How can I put that into a finely worded prayer that I can repeat to him before a ride? I’m not sure why I think I deserve his special attention and protection, but I would like to ask for it and most certainly would like to receive it. I also want to concede to God that if he feels it is my time to leave this earth and my dying is not an accident but part of his plan than I accept my fate. But I do not under any circumstances wish to endure pain and suffering for me or my wife. If I work hard to be a good son, a good husband, a good friend, a good employee and a good person then is it Ok for me to ask for these blessings? Have I earned the right to ask for protection from harm? If I appreciate what I have, and go forth enjoying God’s creations with humility will he listen and afford me the special protection I ask for? If you understand where I’m coming from and what I’m feeling, please say so. If you can help me word these feelings and put it into prayer form please share.