Back to Cape Charles – OBX Part 5

Bodie island Lighthouse

We got up late and ate our leftover breakfast snacks on Wednesday morning. It was time to pack up the motorcycles and say goodbye to the OBX beaches and our magnificent view of the ocean. Diana seriously wanted to stay another day. It was cold and windy and not the best day for riding. But it was time to check out and head back north. We stopped at one more lighthouse before leaving OBX. This was the Bodie Island Lighthouse. I insisted on a new route that I thought would be more scenic passing through the Great Dismal Swamp. This route took us over a lot of long bridges. Who thought there would be so many bridges?! On a windy day like this we dreaded the approach of each bridge and had to have crossed at least a dozen significantly sized bridges. Some barely had any railings at all! We were freezing and fighting the wind all day.

diana at the Bodie Island swamp

Bodie island Swamp viewing deck

The Bodie island Swamp View deck with Diana

Diana in front of the Bodie island Lighthouse

Bodie island Lighthouse from swamp

Yeah swamp day!

the other swamp view

We stopped at a McDonald’s to warm up and eat lunch. Diana told me to check her rear tire because it made a pop sound when she made a right turn into the parking lot. It looked fine to me and I thought she must have run over a pebble in such a way that it popped out and made a noise. I checked the tire pressure after we ate and it was fine. We both switched to our winter gloves. Diana’s are battery operated and she turned them on for extra warmth. I plugged my electric jacket liner in to take advantage of the additional heat. Diana put her rain jacket on keep the wind out of her mid-weight jacket she was wearing.

As we got close to Virginia Beach again we stopped in a parking lot to take off our winter gloves and go back to our normal gloves. That way we could handle our controls better on the wild west interstate through Virginia Beach and get onto Rt 13 crossing back across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel. Diana had to take off the rain jacket. The three jackets she was wearing was giving her difficulty moving her helmet from side to side. Her head could move but the helmet wouldn’t and it was causing difficulty in checking from side to side before making lane changes. So she was freezing again. Leaving the parking lot after fixing our gear Diana’s motorcycle made another pop sound but she didn’t tell me. We did battle again on the highway. We got onto the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel again. The wind was challenging across the 23 mile span and Diana felt her motorcycle do a little side to side dance across the bridge.

We got to the end of the bridge and were looking forward to another home cooked meal at Katie and Alan’s house. We got off Rt 13 and entered the Eastern Shore of Virginia’s Wildlife Refuge where Katie and Alan live. We slowed down to about 10 miles per hour and Diana was in front of me. Every once in awhile a noise caught my attention. Diana’s rear disk brake would rub against the pads and then it would stop. I couldn’t tell for sure if it was really happening. We made another turn. Diana’s bike went a little wide. As Katie and Alan’s house came into view Diana’s rear wheel gave out and started to wobble. I called up to her on the CB and told her to stop because something was definitely wrong with her motorcycle!

Diana poses in front of the Bodie Island Lighthouse in North Carolina

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  1. We should’ve just stayed in Hatteras another day…

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