Cape Hatteras and Ocracoke Island OBX Part 4

sunrise on cape hatteras with a beach branch

Tuesday was the fun day! There was no real traveling to be done. Just a day of pure biker tourism for a couple of hard working middle aged Americans in need of an escape to a remote beach.

Diana and I have done our share of traveling with groups from our HOG chapter. When you travel with a group you have to adhere to schedules and try to keep evryone in the group happy. This was our vacation and we were finally traveling on our schedule! We like to sleep in late, warm up slowly and eat breakfast when most people are getting ready for lunch. The trip was going great in that regard and it was refreshing to vacation like that.

the sun peeking behind clouds

The sun rise cape hatteras over the ocean

We woke up early to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic Ocean. We took pictures for about an hour and then went back to sleep. I woke up later and went to pick up breakfast at the general store. I had OJ and muffins in hand when Diana woke up. After breakfast we saddled up and rode down to the end of the long barrier island. Our next destination was Ocracoke Island and we had never been past this point before either by motorcycle, mini van or other vehicle. As we approached the line of traffic waiting to board the ferry we were waved ahead of everyone. We boarded the ferry with no problem. The ferry ride to Ocracoke was awesome (and free and leaves every hour)!

The Ocracoke ferry

Diana onthe Ocracoke ferry

Packed in like sardines on the ferry

Ocracoke Life Saver

By bye to the mainland

Ocracoke is an isolated island of undisturbed beaches. Again Rt 12 is the only way in and out of the island with one lane in each direction, no shoulder and sand dunes running right up to the edge of the road. The cars took off like a bolt when released from the ferry. We were last off and that was cool because there were no cars behind us and we could cruise down Rt 12 and really enjoy the isolated beach island. There were mammoth sand dunes on our left, sand drifting across the road and island wilderness to the right. We rode all the way as far as we could go on the island before heading to the Ocracoke Lighthouse.

Riding on Ocracoke Island

Jay at Ocracoke Lighthouse

Then we went to Howard’s Pub for lunch. Friends of ours from our HOG chapter told us we had to go there so we did. I am so glad we did! This place is beyond awesome. I had a blackened mahi mahi sandwich that totally rocked! Again each motorcyclist participating in this lunch had one alcoholic beverage (Yuengling) before switching to diet cola. We went up to the sky deck and took some pictures before getting back on our motorcycles. Then we visited the wild Ocracoke ponies and took pictures of the pony pen and the beach across the way.

Howard’s Pub Sign

Inside Haward’s Pub

Maryland Sports Pendants

Diana relaxing on top of Howard’s Pub

Welcome to the wild pony place

Our motorcycles at the Ocracoke Pony Pen

Almost wild protected ponies

Ocracoke pony coming to say Hello

Rt 12 Ocracoke Island

Ocracoke Island beaches

Diana soaking it in

Then we mounted our motorcycles and headed back for the ferry. Again we were waved to the front of the line and had an awesome ferry ride back across the ocean. There is nothing like the ocean air, island views and wild seabirds to create a coastal vacation experience.

waiting for the ferry back

We are back onthe ferry

churning waters of the Ocracoke ferry

Seabirds follow the ferry


By bye Ocracoke Island

Ocean tumbleweed

Once we got back on the main island we headed up to the Cape Hatteras Lighthouse to take more pictures. Then we went back to our motel and were hungry again. But instead of going to dinner we took a two up sunset ride up the island to take more pictures before dinner. It was romantic to ride two up along Cape Hatteras Island at sunset. 

Diana and Cape Hatteras Lighthouse Jay at Cape Hatteras Lighthouse

Sunset cruise along Cape hatteras

Along route 12 in Cape hatteras

Beach houses on cape hatteras island

Stop along Rt 12 to look at the ocean

Diana Cape Hatteras Ocean Beach Waving

Jay on a sand dune

Diana in front of OBX bush

Heading back through the island to the motel

Sun setting during our cruise back

Sun setting in cape hatteras on Rt 12

When we got back to the motel we walked to the Diamond Shoals Restaurant where we again ate tons of seafood. I tried the Shock Top Beer and thought it was a pretty good summer beer. After dinner we went back to the motel to enjoy the hot tub again. Then we finished off our two leftover Yuenglings. We had no problem falling asleep!