Dark Custom Sinister Low Rider

Dark Custom Derby Cover, Timer Cover, Air Cleaner Cover

Christmas presents from Diana! She is the best isn’t she?! I wouldn’t spend a dime on cosmetic accessories but Christmas is a time to buy the ones you love something special they wouldn’t normally indulge in. So my wife got me these cool Dark Custom accessories for my 2007 Dyna Low Rider. The air cleaner cover on the left took several months to come in after being special ordered.

Here are the before pictures:

Not so evil Low Rider

Nice Clean Low Rider

The air cleaner cover is kind of funky the way it goes on. I didn’t think it was the right part. I had to make sure with Doug the Service Manager at Rommel Harley-Davidson and ask him how it went on. I was also surprised to find out the decorative timer cover really doesn’t cover anything at all except a hollow compartment. The derby cover requires the new flat round gasket part# 25416-99C.

Here is the novice mechanic at work wearing one of his Dark Custom caps (I should have worn my black one):

novice mechanic at work

Here is the primary side with new derby cover:

dark custom derby cover on 2007 dyna low rider

Everything went smoothly except… one of the screw holes in the timer cover… the threads just disintegrated. I didn’t apply any pressure and they just stripped right out. I’m glad this is strictly a cosmetic cover but the imperfection is driving me crazy! Please tell me what to do to fix this using the original screw and not tapping new threads. 

The motorcycle is looking evil and somewhat sinister and definitely dark and is now a little custom. So now the Transformer has become the Dark Sinister Evil Custom Low Rider with lots of practical removable accessories like saddlebags, windshield and sissybar.

Thanks for the presents babe! I love you because you make me omelets for breakfast every weekend, make the best ice cream deserts with strawberries and chocolate and caramel and whip cream, plan the best road trips and buy me cool presents like these. And you encouraged me to buy my first Harley-Davidson and always go for my dreams. Almost at the five year mark! I think you’re a keeper!

Multi-Fit Derby Cover Dark Custom – Part# 25562-09

Multi-Fit Timer Cover Dark Custom – Part# 32414-09

Multi-Fit Dark Custom Air Cleaner Cover – Part# 61300057

15 Responses to “Dark Custom Sinister Low Rider”

  1. Time for the glimmerman smirk. so where the heck are these super deluxe torque wrenches in the photo? EVERYTHING on a harley has a troque spec. USE IT!!!!!! if you don’t then i won’t tell you how to remove the broken pieces when you start snapping them off. been there, done that. got a hat and a tee-shirt. yes, i did eat a bowl of stupid that day.

  2. I have not sprung for those yet, but I swear that is not the reason for the one stripped tiny bolt. By the way, do you know who the Snap-on man is?

  3. do not use snap on tools. craftsman and armstrong are my favorite brands. pete can tell you. he has a love/hate relationship w/the guy. pete loves to hate him and the snap-on guy hates pete. just my take on the story.

  4. oh? a stripped bolt? how did you fix it? heli-coil or retap at the larger size? did you use loctite or anti seize? man are you ever in deep dogfood! have a nice day ;-)))

  5. the stripped threads are a total mystery…bolt came out easy, went in easy, didn’t even snug and just kept on spinning! I was watching. I swear he could’ve just breathed on it and it would have stripped!
    currently, there’s only 4 out of the 5 bolts holding a small decorative cover over any empty closed off space. it’s not doing anything.

  6. except keeping me awake at night because of my OCD.

  7. In the above case I was mean’n that Brad from Tri-State Chapter now has a Snap-on business. I have no idea about any love hate relationships.

  8. didn’t know that. last i saw him he was selling bikes at the other place that banned me. ;-)))))))))))

  9. I was disappointed to wake up this morning and not have a Saturday morning comment from Glimmerman but I’m glad you got around to it. Must be about your bedtime now. 😉

  10. been pondering the stripped bolt threads. like dick van dyke in mary popins-a wooden leg named smith. seems there has been some less than forthcoming info from a previous service. it sure as hell didn’t leave the factory that way! so let’s look at what inept bunch of incompetent bozos have had their grimey fingers on your machine. now you understand my frustration over the lying, deceit, and incompetence. now who is to suffer? you as you try to heli-coil in an insert to make it right or spend a fortune on a new outer primary cover. glad i’m banned.

  11. Here is a new question: After installing a new disk brake rotor is there a standard break in procedure?

  12. It was the timer cover, and there is no reason for anyone to have ever touched it before because there is literally nothing but a blank wall behind it…so methinks perhaps it did come from the factory that way!

  13. I’m thinking that if I put a soft piece of metal like aluminum in the hole with the screw it will expand and hold the screw in like a drywall anchor.

  14. if its dry, you could clean it and put in some epoxy. drill and retap. they make a funny little insert called a riv-nut. if it is small, 1/4 or 5/16 that may work as well. check and see what the threads are. harley sells brass inserts for fairings that are threaded and pull into the well. i’m sure there are other manufacturers with this stuff. just takes some looking. good luck. clean the never seize off w/ wd-40. 🙂

  15. Thanks!

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