Motorcycle Infoholic Since Twelve

As mentioned in my previous post I must be a sick individual based on my obsessive and insatiable appetite for information, entertainment and anything related to motorcycles! At the time I was thinking these were adult neuroses. That is not the case. This sickness started when I was very young. It probably dates back to when I was two years old and my mother’s cousin sat me on his Harley-Davidson. That might be a little young to develop an obsession. More realisticly I would have been eleven or twelve years old when I attended junior high school in New Britain, Connecticut. That would have been when I met other boys who either owned dirtbikes and/or followed motorcross as their favorite sport. We read Motorcross Action and Dirtbike Magazine religously every month. We followed the careers of our heros like Bob Hannah as closely as kids these days follow the antics of John Cena of the WWE. Actually I have no idea what todays kids follow… I don’t have any. The point is my motorcycle infoholism began back in the 6th grade! I forgot it started way back then. My obsession currently has me reading Motorcycle Maintenance by Mark Zimmerman. In the book Mark Zimmerman spends an enormous amount of time explaining in detail how the motorcycle engine works, both two stroke and four stroke. It was the first time in my adult life to read this type of stuff, but not the first ever! The reading brought back memories of trips to the downtown library as a kid. I would go to the good old fashioned library and use the Dewey Decimal system to locate anything I could find on motorcycles and how they worked. This all played into the successful but diabolical plot to convince my parents to buy me a new Yamaha YZ 80 when I turned thirteen. So there you have it, I have been warped in this way since I was in the 6th grade and that is when I became a motorcycle obsessed infoholic!