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I’m a big fan of Bill Hayes! I really enjoyed reading his second book: The Orignal Wild Ones – Tales of the Boozefighters Motorcycle Club.  After I reviewed it in January Bill extended an offer to me to let me help him with his third book, but he never took me up on my acceptance. Maybe I’m too outside the three patch community to be involved. I was actually relieved when I was not enlisted to help. Less than a year later Bill’s new book, The One Percenter Encyclopedia, is now available. Bill, if you are out there reading this and you decide to follow up with a second edition, please give me another chance to help.

It would be great if there were an encyclopedia that told you everything behind the 1% lifestyle. To 99% of us what really happens in club life will remain a mystery. Unfortunately Bill’s new book does not reveal the rituals, traditions or secrets of club life as a one percenter. It doesn’t even attempt to define the term. This new book has nine chapters that list many of the most notable motorcycle clubs from A to Z. Some entries are a one liner and some are more meaty with interviews, pictures and a history. Of course the big 5 make for the most interesting. Other clubs of interest that grab my attention are clubs mentioned in other books and documentaries. For example there are the Aliens from Brooklyn mentioned in John Hall’s Riding on the Edge. The 13 Rebels, Yellow Jackets, Sharks and Galloping Goose mentioned in The Original Wild Ones also by Bill Hayes. The Hessians, Ghost Mountain Riders, Top Hatters, Devil Dolls and POBOB’s seen in the very informative three hour DVD documentary version of American Biker which preceded Bill’s first book of the same name. The Vagos covered in Terry The Tramp. I was surprised to find out the Pistoleros exist in the real world and not just in the movie Hell Ride. I was also surprised at some of the club names such as the Peckerwoods, Finks,  No Name and The End. The Delaware based Thunderguards are mentioned along with a quote from our local newspaper: The News Journal. The newspaper quote mentions Wilmington city officials shut down the Thunderguards social hall after a triple shooting took place nearby. It does not say if the motorcycle club members were involved. Like most of what happens behind the club life curtain this and many more mysteries will remain a mystery even after you read this book. At least to 99% of us!

Additionally this books includes an interesting Forward by Dr Stephen “Skinz” Kinzey, an Afterward by Gypsy Raoul and a Conclusion. I think the best part is a bonus in the form of a Bibliography and Book Review by Gypsy Raoul and Bill Hayes. Bill breaks motorcycle books down into catagories… which I have always wanted to do myself. Furthermore his reading collection is much wider than mine and he recommends some books that I am going to have to get. You’ll have to get this book for yourself or wait for my reviews on these books to find out more about them. For now, my lips are sealed!

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