1%er Biographys Kick Ass

I enjoyed Hell’s Angel about Sonny Barger. I’m not sure if this was the first ever biography of a 1%er but I think it is the best. This kind of book in my oppinion is it’s own catagory: The 1%er Biography.

hell’s Angel by Sonny barger Click the pic for more info

Most of the books in this catagory are written by a coauthor because most biker’s don’t have the professional writing skills to create a best seller, but they sure do have a hell of a story to tell! In my humble oppinion the coauthor/biker team usually does not make for high quality reading. The chapters are made up of unrelated life memories and experiences organized into chronological order creating a compilation of that person’s most exciting parties, battles and run ins with the law. That said I can not strongly reccomend any other specific book like this except the one mentioned above… but I still enjoy reading them! It’s like a train wreck or bad accident, I can’t stop looking or reading!

You can’t blame me! Why wouldn’t you be able to put such a book down? Because: no one else knows what really happens behind the Motorcycle Club curtain except true patch holders and they aren’t going to tell you! It’s against club policy. There are a few bad ass shitkickers out there who lived the life and dared to put it down on paper and have it published for the rest of us to read. These lives are filled with bar room brawls, shootings, drugs and of course wild women. 99% of us live normal lives according to our civilization but 1% dare live outside the confines of accepted rules and practices. They are the Outlaws! We think we are free, but these cowboys on their two wheel steeds push freedom to the limit and sometimes have to forfeit their freedom as a result of the Outlaw lifestyle. These warriors lived their lives by their own rules outside the law and their stories are fascinating!

Terry The Tramp Click the pic for more info

Most recently I read Terry The Tramp – The Life and Dangerous Times of a One Percenter in hardcover published by Motorbooks. A long time ago I read Outlaw Biker – My Life at Full Throttle in paperback. Another not so well written but fascinating story full of tales from the other side of the MC curtain.

Outlaw Biker Click the pic for more info

The above books takes the author’s life experiences and strings them together into a disjointed collection of chaotic events that can blow the normal squares mind! There is another book from Motorbooks that comes to mind worth mentioning but it doesn’t exactly fit this catagory. The author, John Hall, evolved from outlaw to college professor after being educated by Penn State while serving time. He has the writing skills! He wrote his own story and it kicks ass! It reads like an excellent tale about the coming of age of a young biker. It’s a great story and each chapter leads naturally to the next creating a fantastic novel. Click here for my review of Riding on the Edge – A Motorcycle Outlaw’s Tale.