What Is A HOG Rally?

A HOG® Rally is a lot of fun! It is a benefit of being a HOG® member and is exclusive to members and their guests. It is an event for members put on by members. It is a volunteer effort planned, organized and run by HOG® members under the supervision of a HOG® Regional manager from Harley-Davidson.

In 2010 I served as the Volunteer Coordinator for the Delaware/Maryland State HOG® Rally. I am currently serving as the 2012 Site Coordinator. As is the standard for HOG® events our goal is to “Ride and Have Fun” safely and legally while abiding by the rules of our insurance liability policy. Event activities and entertainment are paid for by registration fee’s and sponsorship/advertising. Collecting sponsorship and advertising money is not 100% reliable so the amount of people that pre-register for the event dictate the budget for the event. The event is geared toward HOG® members who plan to enjoy the entire event which is usually a three day affair.

These events are restricted to HOG® members and their guests. Riding under the influence is not allowed. I would venture to say this is not an event for locals to come for the day and check it out or spectate during the bike games. On site registration is discouraged because the event staff will plan the event based of the money collected in the form of pre-registration. If a small number of people pre-register there won’t be much money to hire bands and other quality entertainment. If a lot of people show up at the rally to register on site there is a good chance that money will not be spent on the rally. It will probably go into a savings account. The key to having a good budget to work with and offer quality entertainment is pre-registrations.

If you are a HOG® member then I say you really should be taking advantage of this special member benefit. It is a party being put on by your fellow HOG® members for you! A group of HOG® members worked for the better part of a year to create a unique and fun rally for you! Don’t expect the usual bike week crap! This is not a profit driven event with hundreds of vendor filled tents selling you everything from pink goggles to chrome cup holders! The event is not meant to generate income. We try to spend all the money we take in on making this the best event for you. There will be games, rides and entertainment. You’ll make new friends and have a good time. Go ahead and get involved or plan to attend a few rallies. I’m hoping to attend three this year!