Thirty Two Plus Hours In A Cage

I have to apologize for not blogging for the past 2 weeks. Life has been busy and I have not been riding. My career has been keeping me at work late and I have had road trips the past two weekends by cage. We have been through 8 states on some very scenic Interstates but I have to say the foliage although enjoyable is a little drab. Rainy and cloudy weather has not helped in making the trips all they could be but we enjoy traveling anyway; even by car or van. On our trip to Massachusetts for a family wedding we saw bright yellows, especially in the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area. On our trip to Canton, Ohio for HOG® State Rally Training we caught a lot of Autumn color in Pennsylvania but today on the way back taking Rt 70 from Ohio through West Virginia and Pennsylvania and into Maryland it seemed like the mountains were nothing but burnt sienna, dark orange and brown. The bright reds and oranges one hopes for are not out there. Although mountains are always pretty, the foliage itself was not spectacular. Spent at least 16 hours in the drivers seat last weekend and then again this weekend. We got to see the Pro Football Hall of Fame. I’m Glad to be home.