October 2011 East Coast Biker Online

october 2011 east coast biker online

The October 2011 East Coast Biker online issue has been posted and you can check it out. Click here. See page 32 for Diana’s article: Shiny New Chrome. See page 32 for my review of Harrison’s Chesapeake House and Buddyfest.

3 Responses to “October 2011 East Coast Biker Online”

  1. Read your articles! Diana, I totally get spending twice as much on glasses as your leathers! I have a pin head and only a pair of HD googles fit me perfect, expensive but worth it. Jay nice touch with the music for the online article.

  2. Thank you but please don’t credit us with the music. That’s the publishers doing. He adds music to the articles. I have to turn the volume off because it makes me think of the sound tracks they use on adult films.

  3. Definitely wouldn’t mind the option of turning the volume off – maybe there’s a button but I didn’t miss it?
    Anyway thanks for bringing up the East Coast Biker, I haven’t checked it out in a long time. Keep up the great work guys and keep on having fun on two wheels! I’ll be in touch!

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