We Saw Funny Things in Gettysburg

Bours heads 

We went to the 10th Anniversay Gettysburg Bike Week… and we did see some funny things! The above items were in a leather shop on Steinweher Ave. I would venture to guess it was Wilderness Lodge Leather & Hat. The below picture was taken in the event parking lot at Granite Hill Campground.  

Pirate and Wenchy

We saw a pretty wild biker cowboy enter a mini bike in the burnout competition. He spanked his little black machine and wet down the tires with bottled water to make it perform better. He didn’t win!?

Biker Cowboy with minibike 1

spank that thang

right on the buttocks

getting wild on that mini thang

full wheelie action

We saw funny underpants again. Last year I did not show the funny underpants because I thought they were a little on the adult humor side but I will share these with you this year.

funny under pants

These crazy ladies decided to stir things up. Those innocent bikers were making sure to follow the signs plastered all over town that read “Throttle Down In Town”. So these two pulled up a chair from a sidealk cafe and positioned themselves curbside to signal the bikers coming by to rev their throttles up! They were a hoot!

crazy ladies

Funny or ingenious? I’m thinking this is more genious than funny but I’ll hit you with it anyway. This is how you travel to a burnout contest if you’re serious!

bike with a spare