Smell The Flowers II – Hagerstown

attack the pirate

The further one travels west through Maryland the futher one gets from the urban sprawl of the Atlantic coastal region. Passing through Cecil, Harford and Carroll counties you will find yourself in semi rural farmland. We’re not talk’n mid west rural here but rural none the less. Frederick has quite a bit of development going on but past that things get pretty country. Frederick has the Cotoctin Mountain so this is also the point where our region becomes “not flat”. Entering Washington county the only development is Hagerstown and that is like a blip on the map along I70. Rt 40 cuts through Hagerstown and is National Pike/Dual Highway. Located on National Pike in Hagerstown is a great little campus that includes: Clarion Motel, Hager Hall Conference and Event Center, Barefoot Bernies and Cancun Cantina West. The Cancun Cantina holds motorcycle and hot rod shows frequently. Cancun Cantina East and West are both happening night spots! They combine night club atmosphere with country line dancing entertainment and biker friendly themes. Both locations are a lot of fun. I especially appreciate the West because it is connected to Barefoot Bernies Restaurant and the Clarion Motel making it an ideal motorcycle layover spot for trips heading west.

brick feels good after sitting on the bike all day

In my last post we were taking a butt break at the Citgo in Woodsboro, MD getting ready for the final leg of the day which would be a 27 mile jaunt over to the Clarion in Hagerstown. The Citgo is really a High’s Dairy Store and Citgo Gas Station on North 2nd Street with North 2nd Street continuing through the parking lot (according to Google Maps). So we hopped back on our motorcycles and exited the back of the gas station via North 2nd Street (even though we thought we were just in a parking lot) taking a right onto Woodsboro Pike and a quick left onto Woodsboro Creagerstown Rd Rt 550. You’ll ride for awhile through rural hilly country and eventually come to a small town called Thurmont. Cross Rt 15 and Rt 550 becomes Rt 77. Rt 77 is AWESOME!!! It takes you directly through Cotoctin Mountain National Park. Resist the urge to turn around and go back through the park if you can. Now entering Washington County. Take a left on Jefferson Blvd Rt 64. Follow Jefferson for 7 miles and take another left onto Eastern Blvd and take that for a short mile to Rt 40 National Pike. Make a right onto Rt 40. Jump over immediately to the left turn lane, pull a u-turn and bang a quick right into the motel entrance. Park the bikes, unpack the saddlebags and check in!

checking in can make you go bananas

grab the pirate booty

After an awesome day of riding this is the perfect ending. The Clarion is a nice motel so check in, grab a hot shower and change into comfortable clothes. We met up with our friends at Barefoot Bernies for dinner. The tropically decorated restaurant is a fun place with pirate manicans and bamboo furniture. We ate, drank and talked about the ride for hours. We joked and had a blast. When the conversation died down we went next door to the Cancun Cantina for more drinks. Eventually a live country rock band took the stage and line dancing happened! We had an awesome time and got to bed early enough to get a good night sleep!

Note: the breakfast at the Clarion was a big disappointment

god bless cancun cantina wait staff

diana having a good time atcancun cantina west

enjoying ourselves at cancun cantina west

Woodsboro, MD to Hagerstown, MD 27 Miles

Woodsboro Creagerstown Rd Rt 550 to Rt 77 heading west

Left on Rt 64 Jefferson Blvd – 7 miles

Left on Eastern Blvd – 1 mile

Right on National Pike Rt 40 Dual Hwy

Immediate U-Turn

Right into Clarion entrance

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  1. Seems like you guys had plenty of fun!

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