Smell The Flowers II – Continued

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There are some awesome roads between Shrewsberry, PA and Hagerstown, MD that dip and weave along the Mason-Dixon Line. The country roads carry you through rolling hills with short steep inclines and twisty s-turns that weave their way through wheat and corn farms. The corn stalks were about 5′ high this June as we rolled on the throttle through the Maryland country side on our way to Hagerstown.

After our lunch break at Nikola’s Cafe in Shrewsberry it was looking a little cloudy but we didn’t care. The roads were calling us with their seductive come hither curves. Ok that sounded goofy, but I’m trying to make my writing a little less blah blah blah! 

Exiting the parking lot onto Old Farm we crossed the intersection and the road becomes Constitution Ave. Between here and our gas stop in Woodsboro, Maryland there are a plethora of country roads that need to be explored by you and your trusty motorcycle. Here are the directions to our next gas stop at the Citgo in Woodsboro which is not far from where my my parents live. This is a 53 mile leg and the Citgo, although not a Wawa or a Royal Farms, was a welcome break since it was the first post lunch stop. Thank God they have a bathroom!

Ah a brick wall

resting at the Citgo

citgo in the country

Quiz: which bike is not a Harley and what is it?

Part 3 – 53 Miles

From Nikola’s Cafe cross the intersection onto Constitution

Follow signs that direct you to Rt 851 if there are such signs

Right on East Main Street in New Freedom

Left on Steltz Rd Rt 851

Continue to follow Rt 851 as it makes several turns

Left on Lineboro Rd PA Rt 516/MD Rt 86

Left on Hallie Ave and follow to traffic light (this left is for group rides to make the next right turn easier)

At traffic light take a right on Hanover Pike Rt 30

Left on Bachmans Valley Rd

Right on Rt 97 Littlestown Pike

You can follow Rt 97 all the way into Pennsylvania and take a left on Rt 194 but this is the way we did it…

At the very crest of a long steep hill on Rt 97 in Maryland there is a left turn onto Stone Road but it is too dangerous and difficult, even in a car, to cross left at the top of a hill in a blind turn with limited sight just as the hill dives back down the other side. It’s a busy road with plenty of oncoming cars. So as you come down the other side of this long hill on Rt 97 in Maryland before the Pennsylvania line look for Sprouts Daycare on the left side of the road. Pull a u-turn in their parking lot. Go back up the hill on Rt 97 Littlestown Pike and at the crest of the hill there will be a turn lane for Stone Road where you can safely make a right turn. Follow that to Rt 194 and make a left on Francis Scott Key Hwy and look for the Citgo on the right side.

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