Take the time to smell the flowers along the Mason-Dixon Line

Along the Potomac River

In order to attend the Williamsport HOG Chapter’s annual River Rat Poker Run we have to make a common choice: take the highway and get there fast, or take our time and enjoy the backroads.

Unfortunately some motorcycle riders from our home state here in Delaware don’t know the fantastic backroads that meander along the Mason-Dixon Line that designates the border between Maryland and Pennsylvania. So the choice is made for them. Sure you can make good time on Interstate 70! You can make it there and back in a day and still do the poker run! But do you really want to do it like that? This event takes place at the end of June and that’s a busy day to be pack’n into a hot possibly muggy summer day. There is another way…

Since I’m married to a lady rider and First State HOG® Road Captain who knows how to connect those backroads along the Maryland Pennsylvania border the choice is easy! I’ll follow the Mrs and take the twisted country roads through meandering hills and rolling farms. I’ll enjoy the ride and arrive in Hagerstown, Maryland in time to enjoy a fun dining experience at Barefoot Bernie’s and grab a few drinks with my friends at the Cancun Cantina West. Maybe I’ll take a dip in the pool at the Clarion Motel before calling it a night. This is the second year Diana has made this a First State Chapter trip and we have dubbed it the Smell The Flowers Ride because we know you can get there and back in a day but we would rather “take the time to smell the flowers” as they say! Since this is a Maryland trip we really call it the Smell the Black-eyed Susans Ride but our Delaware friends don’t get the connection.

barefoot Bernies

First State attacks pirate at barefoot bernies

dinner a tropical barefoot bernies

kickstands down at hagerstown clarion

If your heading west through Maryland I recommend staying at the Clarion and enjoying the experience at Barefoot Bernies and the Cancun Cantina West. All three buildings are attached making it a great destination since you can have some serious fun once the kick stands are down for the evening. There is usually a big biker bash the same day as the Williamsport HOG® River Rat Poker Run and maybe that’s more your speed. My speed is get back on those backroads in the morning and enjoy a guided HOG® poker run through historic battle grounds.

Story to be continued…