Leadership and Teamwork for a H.O.G.® Chapter

I have enjoyed being the Director of First State Chapter for 2009, 2010 and 2011. As Director I formed a board of officers who work together as a team to make decisions that affect the chapter. Putting together the right people doesn’t happen overnight but in the end a close knit group of dependable trustworthy leaders who put the needs of the group before their own is key to a successful organization. Most of the lessons I have learned have been from mistakes and thankfully I figured out this team approach before making any huge mistakes. However I did learn through mistakes to carry this team approach further than I had originally anticipated.

In my first year as Director I made several decisions on my own without consulting with the other officers. The good decisions were of course a non issue such as investing money in a new PA system. I made some bad decisions. The bad decisions could have been avoided had I consulted with my team mates. An example of a bad decision is appointing someone to a leadership position without getting to know them first. 

Through a little trial and error I learned that working together as a team works better than a dictatorship. Not only do you benefit from the input of your most trusted associates, you relieve any one person from having to shoulder the burden of unpopular decisions. There have been several occasions where I brought an action before my team and the team decided to go in a different direction than I wanted. This experience of putting my ego aside and deferring to my colleagues even when I wanted to lay down the law has been one of the most valuable lessons I have learned. There were many times when I wanted to say “we are going to do it this way because I am the Director.” By putting my ego aside, treating all the chapter officers as peers and working together as a team we have succeeded at everything we set out to do.
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2 Responses to “Leadership and Teamwork for a H.O.G.® Chapter”

  1. Great point!!! Leading a chapter is more about getting and maintaining a consensus than it is about dictating decisions and expecting others to follow you just because you are the one in charge.

    Are there decisions that you make on your own? Sure, but the more you share the burden of decision-making, the more buy-in you get from the others that help because they become invested in the outcome of the decision they helped you make.

  2. Awesome to hear from you my friend. I hope your new club is working out great for you. If your national membership is current next summer please bring some your guys and girls down from Connecticut for the Maryland State HOG Rally in Deep Creek Lake. You will love it. Mountains, lakes, rivers and waterfalls, etc…
    Oh yeah, back to the topic. The concept works if you have the right team. Like minded individuals that gel as a team can lead to a good decision in a few minutes after minimal discussion. Opposing minded people with too many different ideas can lead to dead lock, lengthy discussions, lack of action or too much compromise.

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