East Coast Biker Online June 2011

June 2011 East Coast Biker Online

The East Coast Biker Online edition for June 2011 is available. Click here to check it out. Diana has a new never before published article on page 24 and I have a product review of Ride Like A Pro Maryland on page 56.

3 Responses to “East Coast Biker Online June 2011”

  1. Errrrrrr……..where is the magazine….I didn’t get past the cover damnit!

  2. Ok….I managed to get past the cover, the centerfold, and the ads…and found the article!

    Way to go Diana!…Good for you, good for the rest of us and good for all the ladies riding out there. Just good, good, good…..GOOD! Sweeping Good!

  3. Thanks Dave! Our comments are getting fewer these days and it’s always good to hear from you. Remember to put the 2012 Delware/Maryland State Rally on your agenda.

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