Meet Luke

This is another video from 2010 HOG Officer Training called Grow. Luke was 15 years old and purchased a Harley-Davidson® motorcycle. He was at training and took classes with us. He even played the accordian on stage with the band. He was like a rock star! Cool young man.

5 Responses to “Meet Luke”

  1. He’s so cute.. (down cougar!) I loved his last line… chicks really dig a Harley. LOL! Looks like he’s got his world by the tail!

  2. LUKE!!! LUKE!!!!

  3. Oh, what I what give to be fifteen again AND own a Harley!

  4. Awesome!! And I agree with Gary!

  5. He learned his lessons early, work hard, save money, and “chicks dig the Harley”. what an incredible young man.

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