Freedom – Credos From The Road by Sonny Barger

freedom by sonny barger

These are Sonny Barger’s essential beliefs gleaned from years of living the club life; sometimes behind bars. “The baddest man on two wheels” brings us 50 nuggets of wisdom. If you have read Sonny’s other books than a few of these creeds will be familiar such as chapter one: Treat Me Good, I’ll Treat You Better. Treat Me bad, I’ll Treat You Worse. As usual Sonny delivers an easy to read no-nonsense straight from the hip book. It’s a small 5.25″ x 7.5″ hardcover from one of the most interesting individuals in American history. These are the philosphies of a man who has given up his freedom on more than one occasion to stand up for his beliefs. How could you not want to know what is on his mind? I enjoyed this book and so will you. It’s an original just like Sonny. Click here for more information on this book.

2 Responses to “Freedom – Credos From The Road by Sonny Barger”

  1. Great read! I have read it a few times. The only reason I pay attention to the guy is not because he was a turd, but because the stuff that is in the book is the product of learning things the hard way. It’s just a literal look at things, the way they really are, not what you want them to be. I can get behind that. If you really dig into this you find it explains alot of why corporations, the military, our government really works…which leads to the thought that all of us do exactly the same thing…for different reasons. Nothing in the book is new to me, but I like how he says it.

  2. Have not read this one. Looks like I need to get me a copy and read it.

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