Thinking of Karen

Karen on her big girl bike

It’s been two years since April 24th 2009 when our friend Karen Fortner was killed. I will never forget that day, my friend or the first responders that helped us.

If you are a reader of our blog you may know that Tami Walker of Diva Customs collected 101 inspirational stories of women riders and published them in Why We Ride. Karen’s story is on page 78. Her words still speak to me:

“While on long rides, I listen to my music, do lots of soul searching, remember those who are no longer with me, and enjoy the beauty of the world like never before.  I have never known honeysuckle, flowers, and the great outdoors to smell so sweet!  There is nothing like fresh air and two wheels under you to make you feel like one with the universe.  Motorcycling has taught me to slow down, stop and smell the flowers and enjoy life.  Many special people have come into my life due to riding.  People in the motorcycling community are some of the nicest, thoughtful and inspiring people there are, and I feel so very blessed to be a part of this special group!”

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