Stayin’ Safe by Lawrence Grodsky

Stayin’ Safe

After reading the collection of short articles in Street Strategies by David Hough I started to think that the scope of motorcycle safety was simple and that perhaps I already knew it all. I have taken the basic and  experienced rider courses, read many books, watched a handful of training DVD’s and attended numerous Road Captain meetings so maybe I have heard it all. Maybe it doesn’t get more technical than “search, evaluate and execute”. But then I started reading Stayin’ Safe – The Art and Science of Riding Really Well by the late Lawrence Grodsky. I was wrong! There is more information out there!

This book is also a compilation of magazine articles by a motorcycle safety guru. The book is structured like a memorial to Larry and his work. Each article/chapter has an introduction written by someone from the professional motorcycle writing or teaching community who knew him. There really is an art and a science to riding safely! I am constantly searching for more information on both. I’m glad I keep looking because I found this great book which confirms what you already know… I don’t know squat about motorcycle safety! There IS more technical information out there and it can get as complicated and scientific as you care to make it. For example this is how Larry’s father instructed him to ride a two wheeler when he was 6 years old: “Son, when assessing the response lag between steering torque and roll-angle amplitudes, a higher phase angle indicates a greater delay between input and output values and thus, an unmaneuverable bike”. So I guess it can get scientific and complicated.

From reading this book my eyes have been opened to some of the behind the scenes looks at why the MSF preaches certain things. They definitely have to take into consideration what message they can teach to the masses. What will the average person take away from the brief MSF classes? What is easy to teach? What is easy to understand? I definitely think many techniques are dummied down and more advanced techniques are held in secret because they will confuse the average rider.

I have not finished this book yet but it is a must read for those of you who want to know everything about how to ride safely. Click here for more information on this book. Read it NOW to get ready for riding season.

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