Street Strategies by David Hough

Street Strategies

Sorry, no Aril Fools Day jokes here. I do have a book review for you. I recently read Street Stragies – A Survival Guide For Motorcyclists by David Hough the Author of Proficient Motorcycling and More Proficient Motorcycling. David Hough is a columnist for several motorcycle magazines who writes safety tips. He is also an illustrator and photographer.

This book is written and manufactured to be something a rider keeps in his saddlebag and takes along for the ride. It is compact in size at 6″ x 9.25″ and made to withstand the rigors of travel. It is not a hard cover book but it is not the typical paperback either. It has a special doublethick cover that extends beyond the edges of the text pages to protect them from getting bent or damaged during travel. At least that’s my oppinion of the cover. The cover also has entended endflaps to hold your place in the book. The text pages themselves are printed in sharp black ink on high quality matte coated stock which compliments David’s illustrations and B&W photography.

This book is a collection of 73 safety articles that have been collected and published. Each is written in a unique story format that is short, reader friendly and to the point. First it will tell a story staring with something like: “You are out for a Sunday cruise on your favorite road when…” Then it will provide a short paragraph or two about what could be done to avoid an accident in the illustrated example. This is perfect to take along and read a paragraph or two when you need to rest or kill time.

You are on a long distance trip and it starts to pour cats and dogs. You pull over to a friendly roadside diner and get a cup of coffee. You pull out your copy of Street Strategies and read a few safety tips while you wait for the initial slippery oils to wash off the road top. When things are a little less slippery, you put the book away for another time. As you leave the parking lot you notice the road is less slippery now and congratulate yourself for reading the book reviews on Road Captain USA and purchasing this great little book. You also pat yourself on the back for being smart enough to get off the roadway during the first thirty minutes of rain when the road is most slippery.

At $19.95 it is a small price to pay for something that could save your life. It is an easy reader and not technical which might appeal to many riders. This is a collection of short artcles and sometimes the same themes start to repeat but with a slightly different angle. You can pick it up and read any safety tip in any order. It will put you in the right mind set to get out and ride safely.

If you’re looking for more in depth technical information and have the patience to read more material and are not looking for a quick read, maybe this book is not for you. I have not read David Hough’s Proficient Motorcycling and More Proficient Motorcycling but they may be the more in depth companions to this book.

Remember, any time and money invested in improving your riding skills and knowledge is well spent. Forget the chrome, invest in yourself first. Then buy the chrome… or matte black. Whichever you prefer.

Click here for more information about this book or here for Proficient Motorcycling.

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