Diamond Gusset Defender Jean with Kevlar®

Diamond Gusset Kevlar Reinforced Riding jeans

Diamond Gusset jeans are made in Tennessee and offer a high quality American made product whose primary selling feature is comfort. The Defender is made of rugged 100% cotton coarse weave denim. All other jeans have a location at the bottom of the crotch where four different seams all come together in a knot that you have to sit on! This knot could become uncomfortable while straddling your motorcycle while stopped at a traffic light. Who wants to sit on a bulky knot while duck walking or straddling or whatever? All Diamond Gusset jeans feature a diamond shaped gusset that avoids the uncomfortable intersection of the conventional design! This feature makes for a more comfortable pant.

Diamond Gusset Defenders are reinforced with Kevlar® fabric panels on the inside to protect the motorcyclist from abrasion if he should have an accident. The Defender Jean comes in a wide assortment of waist and inseam sizes so you can purchase a pair that fit you right out of the box! No hemming needed! These jeans have an excellent fifth pocket on the thigh perfect for holding your cell phone. The Defender comes with Velcro® straps at the ankles to close out a breeze coming up your leg while riding. In my opinion the Kevlar® panels in the ass of the Defender don’t come down far enough below the butt cheeks. I would like to see Diamond Gusset Brand improve their ass coverage. Diamond Gusset jeans are extremely functional but look generic. You will not win any fashion shows wearing these, but they are rugged and made in the US of A! If you are a no nonsense kind of guy and don’t like fancy stitching and embroidery, these are your jeans!

The Defender costs $115.95 and you can order them online. You can also visit their store which is just off the Natchez Trace Parkway west of Nashville.  The perfect excuse for a road trip. For more information and customer pictures visit www.GussetClothing.com

For more information on the Natchez Trace Parkway and other American byways vist www.byways.org

4 Responses to “Diamond Gusset Defender Jean with Kevlar®”

  1. I would normally never spend that much money on a pair of pants but these were worht it.

  2. One always hopes you don’t ever need Kevlar but I’m sure if it gets used for protection just once they’d be worth it. Especially for a gal like me who drops her bike at least once at the beginning of every season.

  3. You know, I have actually been thinking about this. I figure the best way to save money is not to get bounced off the blacktop…however, you and I know that is not possible…at least not for me.

    After my last wipeout, the only reason I didn’t rip the skin off my legs was because I was wearing chaps…which I only wear maybe twice a year. I was lucky I had them on when it happened. What are the odds of that happening considering I ride almost every day.

    I hate chaps. This I could live with though. I think my 9 lives have been spent. I need to start thinking about the next wipe-out. That might sound negative, but it’s a good way to view riding I have realized. I have never met a rider who had not gone down at least a couple of times.

  4. I think you were meant to die a glorious death in battle Mr Viking. Until then, ride the rubber off those tires dude! Chainmail or armor never hurt any warrior so go for the protective gear. And wield a big hammer like Thor.

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