Custom Flame Paint Job on Scorpion Half Helmet

I was shopping for a new half helmet last summer specifically for warmer days and saw all kinds of really cool designs… but the helmet I ultimately chose was only available to me locally in solid colors.  I considered putting on a few die-cut vinyl decals but decided it would be much less cheesy if I got it painted.  And I figured who better to paint my helmet than our own fellow moto-blogger Mr Motorcycle of Kulass Speedshop Paint!?!  So I drew a sketch and picked up a couple of paint chips at the hardware store to give him an idea of what color I wanted, and shipped the helmet off to him in Minnesota a few weeks ago.

On Friday I got an email saying that my helmet was done!  Yay, I couldn’t wait to see it!  Apparently Mr M couldn’t wait to show the world either because he put together a video slideshow of the whole painting process!  Check it out over on his blog… click here!

Personally I think it looks awesome!  And it will do a fabulous job of blending together the colors from my silver Harley® and the purple mesh Harley® jacket I wear in the summer. 

Fan-freakin-tastic job dude!  🙂