2011 February East Coast Biker Online

February 2011 east Coast Biker Online

The February East Coast Biker Online is now available. I have an article about my visit to the Barber Vintage Motorsports Museum on page 40. I have a book review of The Original Wild Ones on page 50. Diana has a new never before published article on page 52 titled Ride Your Own Ride. Click here.

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  1. Like the on-line mag. Your articles were great adn do was Dianas. She made a point of individual responsibility for riding in a group…well put. I purchased the Wild Ones book and just got a couple of days ago, haven’t started reading it yet (I spend too much time reading blogs on-line….) but I’m looking forward to it.

  2. Thanks. Love your blog. It is impressive. The graphics are great and your pictures that go your recipes are great. I have to add it to my blog roll. Especially like your Hoooters post: http://www.thekitchenwitchblog.com/?p=4285

  3. Love the Blog. Thanks for the heads up on Revzilla. I will certainly look into that.

  4. Great. Definitely checkout Revzilla.

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