Tonight on American Chopper – Contest To Win Chopper

Orange County Chopper Hair Club for Men Tank

On the next episode of American Chopper (air date: Jan. 17th, 9pm), Paul Teutul, Sr. will unveil the newest completed Orange County Chopper motorcycle, custom-built in partnership with Hair Club for the company’s 35th anniversary.  Following the episode, viewers and fans will have the opportunity to enter to win the limited-edition bike.

Orange County Chopper hair Club Bike

Features include:

  • Pro street-style Rolling Thunder rigid frame
  • Baker 6-speed transmission
  • Brushed metal skull-themed paint job illustrates Hair Club’s signature “before” and “after” phases, one skull is bald and the other had a full head of hair, flowing like flames
  • Front forks designed to represent the single-edge razor blades used by Hair Club’s licensed cosmetologists
  • Customized rims resemble spinning sheers
  • Tail pipes are specialty-built exhausts that mirror the appearance hair follicles
  • Overall design is sleek, sitting low to the ground, inspired by Hair Club’s stylist’s tools
  • Black leather seat with silver stitching and Orange County Chopper logo

To enter to win American Chopper’s one-of-a-kind Hair Club motorcycle, visit:

Orange County Chopper Hair Club Wheel